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New wine skins for new wine.

On Sunday evening, I shared with the church a testimony on how I managed to get my new job.

It wasn’t shortly until I shared with my church family the circumstances on how the interview took place, that they remarked that the Lord’s favour had been upon me.

Indeed, when I went for my interview (that led me to my current job), the Director had already given me signs that she wanted to offer me the position. 

First, she didn’t ask me any interview questions. Instead, she had taken me for a centre tour. By the time she had shown me the yard outside, she had already asked me which shift I would be interested in...

Last week, when I was having my off the floor for programming time, I asked the director what made her decide I was a good fit for the centre, and what made her decide to offer me the position. 

She said that during the centre tour, I had paused in the classroom, and had given her the impression that I could ‘make the classroom mine’. 

I had given her the impression that I was adaptable, and I was willing to take the time to learn a new form of programming and curriculum (considering the last teacher had many difficulties working with StoryPark... LOL).

It was also not a coincidence that the Lord had prepared me that I had spoken to my work reference at the time I did. 

It was too that I was able to give a favourable reply to the director when her Human Resource had queried her on the references that was given and I had to come in to speak to her shortly before they would offer the teaching position.

I believe that when the Lord gave me this position, He already had the groundwork prepared. Having been through a challenging situation with my former employers, and an adverse domestic relations with a relative, the Lord had built up my courage and confidence to overcome my hang ups, and take new situations in stride.

For this, I thank the Lord that He has allowed me to put on new wine skins that I may have new wine. The dream that he has put in me is now coming to pass.  

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