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The Two Dreams.

Hi, readers...

It has been ages since I updated this blog. A lot has happened since I wrote. Some good, mostly bad.
Well, bad in the sense that it is bad, but I know it is a good learning experience for me no matter how bad it has been.

My parents came to visit in April for about two weeks. They helped me to clean the garden.
My father basically managed to clear the garden of all the grass and weeds in a matter of one week-ish! That is totally amazing for a man of 70+ years old. My mother helped me to clean out the house. Then they put the house out for rent.

After three years, I am now back to renting a room as my humble abode. Along with my one year old adolescent cats, Atlas and Thor, we moved out in the middle of a chilly Autumn.

It is a big change from having to look after a big house with four rooms and keeping it clean, vacuuming all the time, and keeping it dust free.

My Dream: 
The Lord has shown me a lot this year. At the beginning of this year in the month of February 2019, I had two dreams that would set the course for the next season of my life this year.

In my first dream, I dreamt that I was bearing something in my womb. I even took a pregnancy test to confirm my pregnancy. In the spiritual, I knew that the Lord wanted me to bring forth something from myself.

In the second dream, I dreamt I was back in high school premises. However, I finally said in my dream that I would no longer put on my high school attire, and I refused to put it on. I told the dream that I was turning forty soon, and it was time to put on something new.

In the spiritual, I knew the Lord was telling me to prepare myself for new changes into my life, and doing so will also bring forth the very thing he wanted me to 'give birth to' in my sphere of influence.

The challenges...
True enough after the dreams came, in the month of March 2019, I was thrown challenges after challenges. Challenges that would take me out of my comfort zone, and change the way I interact with people.

I asked Elaine why was this happening to me one after another?

She remarked it is probably that the Lord wanted me to stand my ground and harden my heart. The more I stand my ground, the stronger my will it becomes.

Seizing the bull by its horns, the Lord was training me to be assertive with the way I interacted and spoke to my employers, as well as dealing with the antics of my younger cousin, Keng Guan.

Employment: Even though my employment circumstances had not been the most favourable, I was determined to not let the situation overcome me. Like Joseph from the book of Genesis, we are to do our best work  and work with integrity as if we are working for the Lord.

The Lord will not let the good work and name of his servants be put to shame. Indeed even now, I have been receiving invites and calls from headhunters looking for teachers with my qualifications, and experience. The pay package that they are offering is also quite satisfactory from the onset, which I am quite happy about.

I have been preparing myself, and going through possible interview questions. The more time I take to prepare for interviews, the more prepared I am.

The first few times it took me up to three hours to individually go through the entire series of questions. However I just need less than half the time now to review the questions.

House for Rental: On my own, and with the help of members from the church family, I managed to clear out the house for the handover. There is also a community garbage tip nearby where I could take my time to just clear out the garbage over the span of a few days, though I was stressed about it.

Fortunately, by the date of the handover, the house was clean, and everything that I needed to clear was done. It was a relief!

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