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Photos: Wild Action Petting Zoo came to my school.

Thought I would like to post some cute photos from school recently. 

The man in the photo is the zoologist from Wild Action. They go around schools, bringing animals for kindy incursion visits, as part of their many learning programs for children.   

It was my first time face to face petting a few different kinds of four legged lizards, and two different types of snakes. There was also an owl, a koala (that smelled a mix of eucalyptus leaves and gum tree leaves), a tortoise and a couple of other animals too. 

I finally realised why they called owls as "mou tou ying" in cantonese.... (cat-head-eagle)... the owl has eyes that looks like the eyes of my cats. LOL. 

Koalas can sleep up to 20 hours, and poop 200 times a day.

His eyes remind me of my cats. I meant the owl, of course. LOL

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