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Wishlist: Birthday and Christmas 2018

It's that time of the year... first day into November, I've already received emails from all the retailers congratulating me of my birthday month (and asking me to redeem my birthday credits). 

I can't really think of what I want for wish list as I ended up getting a lot of it on my own 😂😂

So to make it more challenging, a Wishlist shall have items I can't get on my own (so it can remain a wish list).

1) Skincare products from Aesop from the parsley range, or Dermalogica for dehydrated skin. I generally use Aesop, as you don't need much of its products and it lasts a long time. The Dermalogica range is also available Australia wide without worries.

2) shopping gift cards -JB Hifi, Harvey Norman, the Good Guys.

3) Rice cooker - Panasonic SR DF181-WST 10 cup rice cooker (please don't hurl.. I know I ask for a rice cooker every year)... 😂

4) espresso coffee machine- the one where you need grind your own coffee beans, froth your own milk, and takes at least five mins to work it. There's too many, I don't know which is good but something simple and easy to use without too much of a headache.

5) buffet lunch at the Conservatory, Crown Hotel. I've heard how good this place is.  Anyways this place is always booked out, and you can only get in with a booking. 

6) Cat shearing sessions for Blackie (who's starting to look like a sheepdog), and pampering for Thor. (If you can get them to take a shower without screaming bloody murder). 

7) Gold jewellery- anything 18k above. The 9k gold just doesn’t do it for me... 

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