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Update: Reversal of Medibank gap payment

9th October (Tuesday):
One week after this incident, Dr. Leong calls me to inform me that Medibank has approved her enrolment into the Medibank program as a member Provider! (woo hoo!)

I was on my work shift when she called, so she left me a message which I listened to on the iPhone 7.

Dr. Leong said that Medibank had actually agreed to reverse the gap reversal charge but because she didn't have my membership details at that time (I think she was at home), she could not provide any details.

The dentist then told me that she will follow up on the process by this weekend.

12th October (Friday):
Dr. Leong called me again. She wasn't coming in for work, but she called me to update me on the progress.

She told me that all the information from my customer profile has been sent to Medibank. Medibank has approved the reverse of the gap payment and it will be credited into my bank account the next working day the following week.

My Thoughts:
In spite of everything that has happened, I didn't have to do much on my side. This incident was a blessing in disguise for Dr. Leong as if should this situation was not brought to her attention, it would have affected another customer.

I thank Providence that I didn't have to incessantly call Medibank to deal with this situation, and I didn't have to do anything else apart from the initial call to Medibank.

What do my readers think? I am just relieved that the whole procedure went well.

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