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My 10 best hangout foodie places in Wyndham

Having lived out here in the western suburb of Truganina for the past three years, I can tell you without a doubt that this place is totally boomin'!

Now the City of Wyndham encompasses and includes the little "suburbs" that are under the Wyndham Council. This includes Truganina, Williams Landing, Point Cook, Werribee, Wyndham Vale, and Tarneit. 

The car park lots at the train stations of Williams Landing, and Tarneit station are full by 7am each morning. Drivers come early to catch a spot before catching the free train ride to the Melbourne CBD before 7:15am every morning. 

Hence now in random order, I will list the foodie places here within the city of Wyndham that you should visit. (I have good taste.  You won't go wrong with my recommendation). 
1. Chef Lagenda at 835 Ballarat Road, Deer Park. 

This restaurant that serves yummy Malaysian food is about twenty mins drive from Williams Landing. 

You can find the most affordable and tastiest Laksa curry for less than $12, and they fill it up with lots of goodies, and a creamy curry soup that has you slurping all the way home. Hard to find that anywhere else.  Their claypot rice drop noodle is also yummy (I recommend).  

This place is hopelessly busy in the evenings. So please call ahead and make a booking, else you'd be waiting for up to an hour to just get a seat. 

2. Mun Korean Kitchen in front of Williams Landing Shopping Centre. 
Three words: Korean Fried Chicken. 

This place just opened sometime early in 2018. It's doing pretty well. It's also a good place to bring your mates for dinner. 

3. Wok Wok (cantonese diner) is next door to Mun Korean Kitchen, Williams Landing Shopping Centre. 

They serve proper authentic cantonese style roast duck, roast chicken, and roast pork with rice for starting as little as $12.50. They also serve other chinese dishes and dim sum as well.  

This is about the only decent cantonese diner in the Western suburbs that you can bring your mates for dinner and not whinge about the decor. (I resent having to drive all the way to Footscray, or Sunshine for cantonese food with decor that is unbecoming to the eye). 

4. Korean Grill House at Point Cook Stockland mall. (Shop 135A Murnong St) 
They are the only grill house in Point Cook so far. Not the most affordable, but the meat is delicious.  
This is a decent place to bring your mates for dinner as well. 

It is also advised to make a prior booking beforehand, else they will turn you away. 

5. Dosa Palace at Williams Landing Shopping Centre. 
I like their chicken briyani. Actually, that is the only thing I order when I get there. And sometimes I order the Dosa Masala.

The service times can be a bit inconsistent at the times I have been there, however if you go when it's busy, you actually get served faster than when it is quiet as it takes a while for the kitchen to fire up and prepare the chicken briyani. The portions are good too. 

This is also a good place to bring your mates. 

6. Starbucks Drive-In on 370 Heaths Road 
This place is a 3 mins drive on Heaths Road after Werribee Plaza. They also close late till 12 am on weekends. A perfect place to bring your friends if you want to find a cafe to chat till late.  

It's the only Starbucks around Wyndham. I like frappucinno with cream on top. 

7. Fresh Chilli Thai Restaurant on 1/5 Aviation Road, Laverton. 
This is a pretty classy upscale place to take your friends. No complaints here.   

The food is good. Also, do dress up a bit if you intend to head to this place. 

8. Daniel's Donuts bakery at Hogan's Corner (262 Derrimut Road). 
This place seems to be a favourite among locals, and those who love donuts. I am not such a fan, but I don't mind a strawberry jam donut with cream on top any day. 

9. San Churros cafe at Pacific Werribee plaza. 

It's the nearest place with decent churros and hot chocolate apart from Starbucks that you can bring your friends till late. 

10. Grab A Kebab drive-in at (428, Old Geelong Road). 

Most people would differ in their preference, but I like the kebabs here. The only thing is that it is a drive-in, so you really have to drive and grab it, or walk up to the counter on the side and order. 

The protein portions are plenty, but you'd have to order more lebanese bread (trust me, it's not enough).

Honourable Mentions: 

We will soon be having Carl's Jr (the american hamburger chain) heading their way to Williams Landing not very long from now. 

If you want to contact any of these places to make a booking, just search for them on Google, or Zomato. 

Did you agree with my list? Let me know what other places I should pay a visit in this area. 

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