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Medibank: Gymbetter app pay-by-visit to the gym

Printscreen of the GymBetter site
Despite the sloth speed that Medibank takes in processing the enrolment of a service provider (read this post), they still have programs that benefit their customers.

When one of my Sydneysider friends, Hyunju came over recently, she oh-so-casually mentioned if I ever used the gym benefits that is offered by my medical card.

Gym Benefits? What gym benefits?

I did vaguely remember that they had some things to do with gym memberships, but never really pursued it. Hence, today whilst I was searching the Medibank site, I found the "GymBetter" app that had been on the Australian market since 2015.

Apparently members (and non-members) of Medibank may download the GymBetter app from Apple App Store (sorry, Android users...). The application allows users to have a pay-by visit to the gym of their choice.

The option of gyms available are: Fitness Fernwood, Goodlife Healthclub, and YMCA.

Members of Medibank Hospital, and Extras Cover are eligible for a further 25% discount on their per-visit to the gym of their choice.

What do I think?

I used to attend Goodlife Healthclub a while ago, and since I started working full time, I had not attended the gym once -_-

As such, I decided to cancel my gym membership to Goodlife Point Cook (in Victoria) after paying for almost six months of fees without attendance.

I have since downloaded the app into my Iphone 7, and keyed in my Medibank Extras member number..  woah! (never mind if I only have the Extras cover!) 

The app deems me eligible for 25% discount on the per-visit to the gym. Since that is the case, that is a good reason that I could start attending the gym again in future  without having to waste on monthly membership fees as I have not been consistently attending it in the last six months of my membership anyways.

I will write another follow up post on my experience in using this app later.

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