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Medibank Extras: I was wrongly charged at the dentist

I took a week off from work this week as I was going to spend time with some friends who had come down from Sydney.

On my day off, I decided to go and see the dentist. I am with Medibank Extras, as most of my readers would know. This is my first time for this year that I am going for my teeth clean and check, which is covered under Medibank Private.

However when I received my statement, I had a shock of my life! It said on my statement that I had to pay 70% out of pocket. 
Last year (2017), when I went to the same dental office, I was charged in total $300, but I only had to pay out of pocket $37.50. 

However, this time, the bill came out to $170, but I had to pay out of pocket $76.30!!

The dentist and the administrator couldn't work out what the problem was.... in the end, they printed out last year's statement for me to take home as a comparison and use as a reference when I called Medibank to enquire. 

When I reached home that afternoon, I made a call to Medibank customer service to enquire. They identified my profile, and then I proceeded to tell them what happened. 

The customer service representative on the other line then told me that the dentist/ provider who was provided on my statement was not a Medibank Choice Provider... ?? * I was really puzzled* 

Why would a business put someone who is not a Medibank Choice Provider yet to serve the customers if their office claims to be a Medibank Choice member?

I then called the dental office up to let them know what happened. The dentist was with a customer at that time, so I left a message for her to return the call. 

About two hours later, the dentist, Dr. Leong called me. She then told me that the dental office had actually put in an application for her to become enrolled as Provider for the Medibank Private. They thought her application had already been accepted as that was four weeks ago when the application was put in. Dr. Leong was also a new resident doctor who had just started with this branch (in Wyndham) not too long ago.

She then told me that her Manager has then called Medibank to inquire what had happened to the application as they had assumed her application had gone through. She told me that she will follow up with Medibank on this, and she will return a call on Saturday when she next has her shift in Wyndham. 

Ok, readers.... Tell me who is at fault here? The dentist office, or Medibank? How should I go about pursuing this matter, as I really don't have any idea. 

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