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I bought a new website template from Etsy

Recently I made the decision to finally have my own domain. To complete the whole ownership  process, I decided it was high time to also update the template. The template that I had been using all this while was the free template available from Google Blogspot.

Initially I didn't know where to start... however I was just poking around looking at Arisa's blog ( Arisa is a blogger I met back in Kuala Lumpur in the earlier days of blogging in 2012. She is now married to a Japanese man and now living in Kyoto. I normally just follow her going ons on Instagram. I was poking around her blog when I saw the link listed on her website template... which led me straight to Etsy. 

I have heard of Etsy, but being the uncreative person that I am, I have not really poked around websites like Etsy, or even Pinterest for that matter. 

There I found Maira Gall's little online shop on Etsy selling her wonderful pieces of template creations she had on sale for both Wordpress and Blogger website templates. 

I found what I wanted. The Gazette template seemed pretty clean and minimalistic. 

The Installation Process 
I bite the bullet. and bought it..... it cost me less than A$15. Which is a pretty competitive price if you think about it. (Actually it is about the cost of about a KFC meal deal in Australia).

It was easier than I thought. Maira had an entire page detailing how to install the template, and how to add the widgets and the codes.

There were a few technical issues that I didn't understand. So I went to her online store, and sent her a troubleshoot email. I even included my blog address in it for her to check out the installation. 

Maira was quick to reply. 


The installation was a quick and easy process. Maira gave me a few more tips and other codes to help me complete the layout coding for the website. 

I would recommend you check out her creations should be on the lookout for a new blog template. The pricing is competitive and I do think you would like her designs too.  :-)

How do you like the new template? Is there anything else that I could add to make the blog better?


huggi said...

Make it secure with a free HTTPS / SSL Certificate

cheayee said...

Hey, how you been ?

I think blogger has that function .. how does it help the site?

huggi said...

cheayee said...

I don’t actually know.... but I guess not... 😂

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