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What is Passive Income?

I've finally had the time to sit down and write another reflective blogpost.

Ideally, I would like to continue my blogging at night, but I find that I do this better in the day time, when the sun is shining and it is warm; in the company of my two sleeping cats, Thor, and Blackie.  :-)

There is just a sense of peace and calm to be sitting in a freshly cleaned out house. Elaine dropped by earlier to pass me two of her woven carpets; so here I am sitting on the floor of the living room (after getting rid of the yellow grotty torn out floor liner).

As I am currently working part-time hours for the next two weeks, I have had a lot of time in the day to go online to educate myself on different streams of income.

One of the topics that has piqued my interest since picking up The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape is learning about the different types and forms of income.

The type of income I've discovered to be most useful is to produce what is called "Passive Income".

Here I'm going to list the types of possible side hustles I have decided to enrol in to increase possible sources of income.
1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing

2. Enabled Google Adsense

3. Raiz Invest.

4. Spaceship Voyager Invest.

5. Market surveys (in person)

6. Pure profile

7. And finally, got around to getting my Uber Eats driving profile submitted.

 So which of this is actually an effective income stream?

As what I have discovered,  the possible Passive Income streams are: 

1. Amazon Associates (for my blog)

2. Google Adsense (for my blog)

Micro-Investment Mobile phone apps: 

3. Raiz Invest (long term).

(Speaking of which, for those who are interested for a $5 bonus joining credit, please join Raiz Invest through my personalised link here. Valid until 30/9/18.) 

4. Spaceship Voyager Invest (long term)

 Non passive income streams are: 
1. Market surveys (in person, face to face)

2. Pure profile (the fastest one to getting a $20 credit I have found so far just doing surveys from home).

 3. Uber Eats driving. (takes a lot of waiting and driving time).

What really makes it passive, or non passive forms of income?

A non-passive income would be income that comes say from your daily salary/wages work that you do on a daily basis. Say, my work as a teacher would be a non-passive form of work. It requires active participation from my side in order that the income could be earned.

Uber driving, participating in face-to-face surveys, clinical tests participation, selling pre-loved belongings on Ebay are all also forms of non-passive income. Essentially, anything that requires a lot of energy expended, and active participation is non-passive income.

A passive income would say, be like the interest that I earn from the interest of my savings account, or term deposit of say maybe 6 months to a year. It doesn't require much participation from my side apart from finding the right savings account, depositing the monies into the account, and parking it there.

In this instance, writing a blog, and participating in writing content which has affiliate marketing content included, as well as Google Adsense enabled also makes for passive income. The passive income comes as the after math outcome of the content, or the links that I have included in my blog posts.

Being a member of an affiliate team of a retail business, say like Amazon, or Woolworths, and  reviewing their products in my content, and linking to them is also another source that can bring in passive income.

Other passive forms of income comes from say, writing an ebook on Kindle, and receiving the royalties, or commission from the sales of the book.

There have been videos that encourage writers to start up their own domain, and write personally from there. However, as much as I would like to entertain that idea, my life is a little complicated, and this whole hosting your own domain is still out of my comfort zone at this time.

What other forms of passive income can you think of? Let me know in the comments below. 

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