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Videos: Making kimchi (fermented pickled korean cabbage)

Kimchi fermenting (on 2nd Day)
I finally made my own video! It is never too late to learn how to use new applications!!
For my recipe on how to make kimchi, please check this post instead.

Yesterday, on Saturday morning, I finally managed to record myself using the Iphone 7 to record my stream myself on Youtube.

For the second part of the cooking, I was "forced" to record the process using the normal video record feature.. 

But that was a blessing in disguise.. I was also "forced" to use the iMovie app on the Iphone 7 after unsuccessfully trying to upload the videos from an Iphone into a Windows desktop. LOL

So now I am psyched about getting over the first hurdle, and more intrigued about learning how to use a video editing app. I just downloaded the Free Download trial of the CyberLink Power Director onto my Windows Desktop. Essentially, since I don't know if the programme will run on my laptop that isn't the fastest of computers. 

Does anyone have any recommendations about which Windows based video editing programmes is good for the ASUS TP500L (with 4GB Memory)? Please let me know in the comments below. 

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