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Spaceship Voyager Invest Mobile App

Recently, apart from the Raiz Invest App that I had written about, I came to know of Spaceship Voyager, another micro-investing platform that had been advertising a lot recently on social media.

Spaceship is primarily a service provider for Superannuation (similar to something like Malaysian's EPF/KWSP) but provided by a private service provider.

Spaceship has since branched out to include micro-investing using a platform that is similar to Raiz, their main difference lying in their portfolio options.

Raiz's main portfolio is investing in local Australian stocks and companies, whilst Spaceship Voyager claims to be investing in "tech firms".

Customers/Investors can choose between two different portfolios to invest in, namely the Spaceship Index Portfolio, and the Spaceship Universe Portfolio.

The Spaceship Index Portfolio is a passive index fund made up of shares in 200 of some of the largest companies in Australia and around the world. Its management fees are one of the lowest in the Australian market, at 0.05% per annum on balances over $5,000 and its free for balances of $5,000 or less.

The Spaceshop Universe Portfolio is an actively selected fund made up of shares in 100 Australian and global companies that Spaceship believes meet its ‘Where the World is Going’ criteria. Its management fee is 0.10% per year on an investment balance over $5,000. It’s also free for balances of $5,000 or less and enables investors to see what stocks are included in the fund.

Recently I decided to bite the bullet, and also join in the bandwagon (as I did for Raiz). The difference between Raiz and Spaceship Voyager is from the onset, they will ask for your bank details to ask for a monthly direct debit arrangement, where you can choose to deposit as much as you think is possible.

I decided on the amount of $20 per month. Considering that most of us spend hundreds of dollars on items that do not bring in any passive income, I think this is a more monetarily productive option.

Today I received an email from Spaceship Voyager:
We're just writing to provide you with confirmation of your investment for $20.00. You were issued 18.8353 units in the Spaceship Universe Portfolio, at a price of $1.0618, on 20 September 2018.
So far, the total balance has gone up to $20.11 (0.53%)itd - balance correct as at 24th Sept 2018.

I will write an update of Spaceship Voyager in four week's time to see how the stock fares.

Just a note that only a person who is an Australian resident for tax purposes and who has an Australian residential address can invest in the Fund.

I missed out on the joining bonus of $20, but you can get it if you join through my personalised invite link here. (bonus expires on 30th Sept 2018!)

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