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Pictures: Home Sweet Home!

After two whole days of cleaning out my living quarters, my house now looks livable...

Thanks to Elaine for coming over to help me spring clean this place.

My dining area 

My kitchen area

We spent the whole of two of my off days just clearing out all expired food products, moldy looking sauces in bottles, and cleaning the stove tops.

I even cleaned up my still very new Tefal Actifry Express on the kitchen counter. It is really just an air fryer. It cost me $150 locally from Harvey Norman, and I have only used it once in the last six months since I bought it.

Initially I was thinking to sell it on Ebay (with its accessory basket still in its box!), but then decided to bless Elaine with it, as she could put it to better use cooking for her young family of four. :-)

Ah, the humble Bicarbonate Soda, and White Vinegar!

I've learnt to respect the humble bicarbonate soda, and white vinegar.

This is what I've learn it can be use to clean:
1) To date, I've learnt to use it to clean rooms with cigarette smoke,

2) smoky smelling carpets,

3) greasy stove tops,

4) stove top exhaust filters.

5) I've also used it to declog the bath room sinks.

6) and even cleaning out gunk from the front load washing machine.

Did you know that a two litre bottle of white vinegar from Woolworths only cost $1.20? (price correct as today's date).

I also found two bottles of still unused Bicarbonate Soda hanging around the house.

So, what are your cheap and effective tips for cleaning the house with?

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