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Bought my new domain from Google Domains!

It's taken me ages (years in real-time!) to finally take the leap, but I finally did it!

I finally bought my own domain. I bought my own domain off Blogger in just less than ten minutes.

This afternoon, I was considering whether to do it, as it seemed really complicated in my mind.

However, after speaking to Hussein, my friend in Kuala Lumpur who was managing some website logistics for me, I decided to take the plunge.

My concerns were that with my blogspot site, it already had its own PageRank after having it for so many years, and I did not want to move anything to an external domain or hosting site for that matter.

He said that perhaps I could try purchasing a domain off Google if they have that service, since both belong to Google.

And that was exactly what I did.

I went home to look at the settings on, and had a look at some of the settings.

It did mention redirecting to a third party site. If I didn't have my own domain, I could possibly get one off Google.

And there was Google Domains in beta version!

So I searched through all possible names of website addresses available, and finally settled on "".

With my QantasCash prepaid Mastercard, I keyed in the details to the payment details.... and they deducted $19.80 (Including GST) off my card.

Google made the whole integration process automatic. In less than five minutes, my blog now became "". This process however will have to renewed every year for as long as I want to keep my domain purely mine.

Wow.. So now I am the proud owner of my own domain! Blogger now hosts my domain that I bought from Google Domains. I have not done anything to the website layout, and perhaps I should.

Welcome to the wonderful new world of online real estate! :-)

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