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Protecting our God given Destiny

It takes a while of walking with God to know and finally have a glimpse into the future that He has for you.

Even when we did not see it, He did. The Lord allows situations to happen, some times even misfortunes to us. It is during these times, when we cling to the Lord, that molds us to be stronger, and be more confident about who we are as a child of God. 

No one would have known that 12 years ago in 2005, everything was set in motion from the time I stepped onto the shores of Australia.

From the time I enquired of the Lord of his will for me to go to Queensland to study, He had confirmed it.

Even when I thought I almost was never going to graduate from university, the Lord was with me through out the whole journey. I had failed my practicum, and could not graduate. Yet, everyone in church had been praying for me.

My housemate had pointed out to me that it was not a coincidence that the entire church was praying for me, and God's hand was behind the scenes throughout that whole time.
Instead, He had turned the whole situation around to something that would serve me and would change the course of my future for the years to come.

Even now, my very unspiritual cousin KG pointed out that the Lord had been equally guiding his every step of the way through the years.

It was not a coincidence how the Lord had guided his steps, just like mine, that we both would end up meeting in Melbourne, to have him staying with me for the past one year.
The Lord opened my eyes to realise that the Devil has a bounty out for my life, when I thought myself worthless and lack of confidence.

The enemy knew something about my future that I didn't, when the enemy  started shooting arrows in my direction. I told the Lord, if there is something He had needed me to accomplish, He has to find ways of covering me through the journey until the task was complete.

John 10:10 says that the Enemy has come to steal, kill, and destroy. But Christ  has come to give us life, and life abundantly.
Our heavenly Father, will never let any of his children come to harm. For we are His, and He will cover us, protect us and defend us when we seek Him.

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