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On the last day of 2017

Writing this on New Year's Eve, in the last half an hour of the year 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

 On the last day of 2017, I gave away the pineapple sage, basil mint, and and some of the lemon verbena leaves I had picked recently to a couple on my FB Malaysian Gardening group. They gave me a ride to the train station.

Then I took a ride to the city and bought a number of teas from three different tea traders. Gewurzhaus Spice and Tea traders (The Block Arcade), The Tea Centre, and T2 at The Emporium (Melbourne CBD). Since Christmas had just passed, the shops were still selling the last of the Christmas edition of teas.

I must have spent about $80 AUD just on nine different kinds of tea. On my way home, I went to my last supper of the year at Kalisi's home in Laverton. She is a church member of Tonga background attending the Victory Church.

 To end the day, I cleared and cleaned down the house as I will be away to Sydney. As for my 27 year old cousin brother... Let's hope he keeps the house clean... I've also given my keys to a church friend who will come and mind the house from time to time. Probably she will keep my cousin on his toes.

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