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Reflections: 12 days of fasting.

My parents flew in on Friday morning.

We ended up cleaning the house in the last two days, as my parents did not felt it was up to his standard of immaculateness.... (I would reason that asking a person to do three person's work of cleaning in two days is almost impossible...)

They will be helping me to settle the house whilst finding strategies to help market the business, which is one of my weakest areas as I am not so experienced in this area..

I was listening to a number of Jentezen Franklin's teachings on youtube. The church that he pastors practises 21 days of fasting at the beginning of the year each year to usher in the year.

I do believe that is actually a wonderful way to start the year, but really, I have not actually seen many churches practise that. Many do the 40 days of prayers, but not the 21 days of fasting.

In my entire life, this is the longest number of days I have ever attempted to fast so far... I graduated from 5 day fast to 12 days fast (upgrade of 7 days more). LOL. I would try to attempt the Daniel Fast for 21 days.

In reflection, through the fasting time, the Lord did not speak to me in an audible voice, or even through my dreams. However, the Holy Spirit did attempt to draw my attention to scriptural things, and through some of the events which allowed me to know that He was watching though He did not speak.

Listening to the teaching of Jentezen Franklin's, he explained that fasting was not just for breakthroughs, but also is a way of cleansing the "temple of the holy spirit", which is our body from all the junk and things that are going through our minds. It is like Ruth cleansing herself before going to meet her future bridegroom, Boaz. 

Fasting is also a wrestling in the spirit, he explains, where like Jacob, we wrestle with the worries and things in our minds, and wrestling to keep them and give them up to God.

We wrestle in the spirit with the temptations from the Devil, where we feel like giving up thinking that our fasting does not make a difference. Past. Jentezen continues to say that fasting should be done in private, that is between the Lord and us. However, though we fast in private, the Lord will bless us out in the open (just as many times as is described in the Bible).

I know that although Yeshua advises to fast in private, however it is difficult to explain the reasons for not eating when we out socialising. People tend to get too curious to see us skipping meals, and will ask a million questions. Hence, when out socialising, I will change to a Daniel Fast to avoid all the questions.

Finally, Past. Jentezen explains that breakthroughs, or the answers that we seek may not appear until some time after the fast has finished. As the answers and breakthroughs that I am seeking have yet to appear, this is one aspect of the fast that I will have to find out for myself in the days to come....

God honours us when we humble ourselves, with fasting, weeping and prayer. May the glory of the great Jehovah Yireh be seen as I await his replies. Amen!

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