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When the Lion Roars: Healing of ADD, and food allergies.

I found this book on Kindle last night. It is the story of a mother, Rebecca Clayton in England, who has three young children who had ADD, wheat intolerance, as well as autism.

 I have posted this story up because it relates to children these days. Although we no longer have danger of issues like influenza, or whopping coughs, we are beginning to see issues like food allergies, ADD, ADHD, and all kinds of new issues that seem to crop up in childhood. Issues which we start to think of as "normal".

 But that is a lie that has come up straight from the pits of hell!

 As a believer in Christ, I believe it is my duty to share this good news to all parents and mothers who have been suffering, and have given up hope of healing for their children in the natural means.

We can't heal them, but the Lord Jesus Christ- who is God incarnate in the form of human born of the Virgin Mary, and also God in spirit, HEALS. Not just yesterday, but is still roaring and healing today. When the Lion of Judah roars, all hell shakes!

 This mother, Rebecca Clayton shares her testimony of the healing of the three children from ADD/ADHD, food allergies, wheat intolerance, as well as her own healing of back pain.

Rebecca came to know the Lord some time after having her three children.

 Through a word of knowledge, and that was through a video conference, Rebecca became delivered of her back pain she has had for 10 years.

 This was later followed by the same way that her eldest daughter, Jemima, was later delivered of wheat intolerance.

 Later, whilst attending a conference, she believes and receives the healing for her second daughter, Eliza. The daughter was healed before receiving the diagnosis of ADD she was suspected of having(remember the story of Joshua and Caleb and the 10 spies?).

 Finally, her son, Anthony, was delivered from ADD, as well as autism.

 All three children became delivered from their food allergies. They were all delivered from their ailments in stages, so that there would be a record of their ailment over the years.

 The mother and family now lives in freedom. She no longer has to pack their school lunch with food which is 'different' from the other school mates.

Anthony no longer has to take Methylphenidate, which is his medication for ADD. It is a short story, but amazingly wonderful!

 The bible says that our spirits is made new upon receiving Christ into our hearts.

However, our flesh, and our physical bodies are still with sin, a fallout and consequence of Adam's act of Sin in the garden of Eden.

As such, we have to claim our healing, and rebuke the evil spirits, and sicknesses that are trying to legally claim us. However when we became believers, the Devil no longer has the right to us, because we now belong to Christ, we now have the authority to be the "police" to seize sicknesses, illness, and evil spirits who are trying to be legalistic and claim us as theirs.

 Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah still roars today!

 He has supernaturally healed me of PCOS three months ago, and I am still going on strong!

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