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That my cup would overflow.

Though I have received a prophecy from the Lord it doesn't mean that things will fall into my lap.
Why is it a prophecy? A word that is given by the Lord about our lives is a prophecy for our future.

Each of us who are born have been created by God with a purpose and a calling. However not all of us are fortunate enough to make it into life (as their lives are cut short by death through abortion), or have died early due to sicknesses, or unfortunate incidents.

It is important that we seek the Lord to find out what our purpose is, and what our calling is. In order to receive a word for our life, I would suggest the believer to fast and seek the Lord.

Take heart that God's purposes and calling for our life will always be working in line with the gifts and passions He has given us. He does not give us our passions, gifts and talents that it be wasted and hidden for none to see.

We have been made in the image of God, with his emotions, and feelings. He will always encourage us to use our passions, talents, and gifts in order to achieve His purposes for the greater good of His Kingdom and the good of mankind.

The act of fasting is not for ancient times, and it is as relevant now as it was in the Old Testament times. In my own experience, it has taken at least 3 days. There are other ways, but I know this has worked well for me. As I fast, I learn to subdue the control of my flesh to my spirit, as my spirit gets more adept to listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord only gives us a small part of our prophecy, and as we work it out, He will give us more. If we are not faithful with a little, He will not provide any further as it will be information overload.
"Psalms 23:5 - You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup OVERFLOWS".
After that time of fasting, and interceding in prayer for my unsaved friends, I realised that my spirit was dry and in need of refreshment.

Constant interceding for others in prayer, fellowshipping with others, ministering to others are all wonderful works for the body of Christ. However it can distract our attention from the Lord himself. It is only when we spend time worshipping and waiting upon the Lord in times of devotion can our spirits and our "cups" be filled.

Our spirits will be parched and dry when we minister to others because it is "taking from our spirit" and we have to consistently fill it up, in order to be "refreshed".

The presence of the Lord must first be utmost in our lives over our works, our family and friends. We cannot let our works for the body of Christ take centre-stage over the Lord's presence in our lives.

When we are sensitive to God's voice, He will teach us when we are lacking, and in need of correction in our relationships. He is indeed a wonderful Teacher and wonderful Father.

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