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Dreams: The gift (that comes with a cost)

Ever since I started fasting on the 9th of February, I have been praying consistently on a daily basis.

Every few days in the midst of house chores or watering the plants, there seems to be a download in my spirit. As such, there has been an increase in the names that I have been intercepting for.

With my pending trip to Sydney next week, I have started adding names of unsaved friends from Lentils.

However, it has been frustrating for me as I have yet to see, or feel anything move in the spirit.
I started complaining to the Lord that He was not very kind to me. I am still new to this whole intercession thing. Without any encouragement from the Holy Spirit, I will end up giving up halfway even before making it to Sydney.....

He must have heard me because I finally had a dream this morning that I could remember.

Dream :
In my dream, I received a card for two hours of free extra piano lessons. The strangest part was that the card was only valid until September 2016.

In context of the dream, I had attended some sort of information session. But the condition  of the free two hours class was only available if I redeemed the voucher, and joined before the expiry date.
(the word that kept hovering over my mind was 'redeemed')
In my mind, I was thinking, that is strange...
Why would they send me a voucher five months after its expiry date? Shouldn't they have done this last year?

I believe the dream was not actually about myself...  True, i have learnt to play the organ, and keyboard for more than five years, hence there was no compulsion on my part to want to learn music now.

I felt that the Lord was showing me that it is possible that one of the names that I am interceding for had made enquiries of the Lord in the past...

(i am not sure why piano context though)..

The Lord had issued an invitation for his gift of salvation to be redeemed. However, the person intended in the dream was still  working it through (about the price they have to pay). As such, they have not stepped forward yet....

Only time will reveal who the mystery person is.

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