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Dreams and Visions.

This morning my cousin sister, MW (who is in KL) texted me on Wechat.

She was reading the note that I had written on my second vision on Moments (sort of like a newsfeed column that Facebook has).

In the vision, I had seen a mafia group going to a chapel. I had no idea what it meant, but maybe the mafia (and his minions) had accepted Christ. However, it caused my cousin to give a reaction. In all literalness, I had expected to find news on "mafia going to church" trending in the news search on Google, but that obviously was not the response I had anticipated. 😅😅

MW told me she was going through a series of issues and depression, mentioning too that our elderly grandmother had fallen off the bed and knocked her knees, causing her more emotional pain.

In the end, I texted my cousin a prayer, as well as one of healing and protection for grandmother. I gently reminded her to return in faith to the Lord.

Why did I write out the vision?

Some visions are meant to be shared, and some are personal.

The vision I shared last night, was a second vision I had received in two days, the first being personal. I had no idea who would respond, but it was by faith that I knew someone would respond to it.

The first vision, was through my dream. In the dream, a man had asked me if he could take me on a date. I knew that instant that even in my dream, that I was not ready to go out on a date with anyone till I had settled my emotions, and had a clearer picture of my relationship with HT.

However on the same day itself, a Korean friend from Sydney had told me that he would be making a trip to Melbourne, and he had thought of me.

I told the Lord that I was not ready emotionally to start a relationship at this point of time till at least I had a clear answer to the questions that I had been asking Him.

Knowing it was too coincidental for a vision like this to come, I knew it was the Holy Spirit's way of prodding me to examine my own heart and to be transparent with my own intentions.

The Holy Spirit has an uncanny way of revealing visions to me, which I thought was my own making or perhaps my own subconscious. However, later when I analysed the dreams, I realised that it too coincidental for my own mind to be making up dreams in the state of half awakeness and half asleepness.

The Conversation I had the night before...

Somehow, I coincidentally was led last night to have phone conversation with Carmen, a cooking school classmate of mine who accepted Christ in 2014. I was one of the "labourers" who had accidentally helped lead her to Christ when out of the blue I had told her that her brother and sis in law were most likely praying for her salvation.

She had mentioned that she did not know why she had never fell into the darkest pits, even in times of trouble. Out of the blue, I then told her that perhaps it was her brother and sis in law had been praying for her salvation.

Carmen then told me that true enough, to what I had said, her brother truly had been praying for her salvation for many years, though they had never shared the gospel with her. Carmen shared that she had attended a christian secondary school, and had some knowledge of the gospels and their stories, but did not think it would play any relevance in her life.

Remembering this part of the conversation I had with Carmen, I told my cousin MW that perhaps indeed someone in her life must have been praying for her all this while. They may not have told her, but if she queried them and asked them directly "have you been praying for me?", I believe the answer would have been a "yes, I have".

I guess all this too answers the questions "Do Prayers Work?" as well as to strengthen my faith and believe that prayers really do work.

It is all too coincidental, but there will come a time when you have to put all your unbelief away and say, yes, "prayers do work". There is always someone praying behind the scenes. Nothing is every too coincidental, or ever happens by accident.

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