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When the Holy Spirit comforts - Romans 8:28

The last few days have been kind of tremendous stressful.
I have been seeking the Lord for an answer for the issues of my business. In addition to that, I have been praying for HT's salvation. 

If it were me, I would just like to have broken up with HT, and moved on from there. But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and places the burden of intercession on you, you can ignore it as much as you want, but you know He will continue to hover over you till you get the hint.... -_-

When I was at church on Sunday morning, my mind was totally frazzled, going all over the place. As much as I wanted to focus on the message that was preached, my ears were only focusing on maybe 20 percent of it, and wandering elsewhere.

As the service was ending, and the pastor was speaking on the book of Romans, I felt this verse came to me. "Romans 8:28". I even managed to quote the whole verse in my mind .... 
"And we know that all things work together for the good of those who love Him"
 My mind being cluttered, I asked "really, God? My spirit is low. I feel discouraged. Why am I so disheartened?"

My entire day was a feeling of frustration with things as I hermitted around the house, pottering about in the garden, whinging at the poor cherry tomato plants as I was pruning their dead leaves and branches.

I sent a text to my dad who in Malaysia, on Whatsapp; asking him to cover me in prayer as I prayed for the affairs of my business, and as I was interceding for a friend's salvation.

A few hours later in the evening, they called me (using the technological wonders of Whatsapp). My dad told me that they have always been praying for me on a daily basis, and I then decided to share with them more about HT and some of the issues he was facing currently.

Before he ended the conversation, he quoted a verse to me. "Remember Romans 8:28- And we know that all things work for the good of those who love Him". 

I was surprised when he said that, as that was the verse that came to my mind this morning. It was the second time I was hearing it.

I realised then it was the Holy Spirit stirring things up, using my dad to confirm the verse again. Hearing that, I realised that it was indeed the spirit of the Lord trying to get my attention-

The Holy Spirit was trying to speak to me, but my mind had been too cluttered to hear anything. My heart was flooded with the peace it so desperately needed.

To end this day, I actually ended hearing this verse the third time through an audio book I was listening on Audible (an Amazon company). I was listening to (Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets), when the narrator quoted the entire verse from Romans 8: 26-28.

Thank you, Lord, for caring enough to confirm this three times. (Twice was just right, but I'll take the third time).

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