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Nothing can keep us from our miracle

My friends who know me on an intimate level, they would probably have known of the condition that I had suffered from.
My menstruation cycle has always been erratic in the past many years. For many years, it only came seasonally, coming only four times a year.

Due to persuasion of friends, I decided to seek medical tests in Dec 2013. Fortunately, the tests were free under Australia's Medicare system.

The diagnosis that the doctors made from the results of my ultrasound, blood, and sugar test was my body was demonstrating the symptoms of PCOS, short for poly-cystic ovary syndrome. Poly cystic ovary syndrome is a condition that apparently affects many females. It happens when there is an imbalance of the hormone insulin.

The imbalance of the hormone insulin can lead to patients having insulin resistance. When sugar  levels are not processed effectively in the body, it is converted to fat, which is a major reason why many people who suffer from this condition have difficulty losing weight. Also, when there is a high level of insulin in the body due to insulin resistance, it affects other hormones in the female body like reducing the level of progesterone, and increasing the level of estrogen and testosterone.

If you have read enough of the literature, you would know that a lack of progesterone levels means that the body is unable to induce ovulation which is necessary for menstruation to occur. A lack of progesterone also means that the female body is unable to even hold and sustain a pregnancy or period of gestation.

It was a difficult time for me mentally, and emotionally. The thought that I could be infertile, as well as that I could not successful bear children.

It was during this time that I decided to attend baking and cooking school at TAFE. I had a desire to learn more about nutrition in a more practical way. A nutritionist that I consulted informed me that due to my condition, I could only have limited amounts of carbohydrates at any time, which included potatoes, bread, soft drink.

It was during this time that I understood that both carbohydrates, whether simple or complex, and even simple sugars, like that in your carbonated drinks, or even fruit sugars are all the same thing = they were all sugars. The only consolation that I took delight in was meat. Meat was the only thing that would not contribute to a spike in my sugar levels as it is pure protein. I realised this after having taken my blood sugar test in Dec 2013.

Surprisingly, between March 2014 to November 2015, somehow my period cycles started to come back. This coincided with my starting my classes at cooking school in Tafe.

The literature I had been reading made me understand that I knew my body was healing itself, through all my physical exercise, and the workout I was doing, and all my hard work was paying off.

I did not take medication as I didn't believe in using chemicals to fix my hormones.


But then yet again, Nov 2015 marked the beginning of a one year menstruation drought. I did not have my monthly period for one year. I thought I had it done all right. What was happening again?

A conversation with a Christian elder revealed to me that the trigger for my lack of menstruation was  spiritual in nature. In other words, something traumatic and stressful had affected me emotionally to induce my body to stop producing progesterone, and my insulin levels again was again not  functioning effectively.

At that point of time, I did not really understand what she meant. However now I realise that it was an  emotional trigger that had manifested itself in the physical through my body. I realise now that our thoughts are important as they affect our hearts, and as a result our emotions which takes its toll on our bodies.

Knowing that it was a condition that was triggered by something spiritual in nature, I knew that doctors would not be able to fix my issues even with all their medication.

I decided to Seek the Lord for Healing. 

I therefore decided to seek the Lord for healing. For many months I laboured, and travailed in prayer, yet not seeing any results. It was quite a stressful time, as I had no idea if I would ever be healed, or when I would be healed.

I had been listening to Curry Blake's audio recording on healing where he healed many people through his ministry (J.G Lake Ministries) which had been very encouraging. I was introduced to him through Gary, a christian brother who he himself had been healed from his own incurable physical ailments many years ago...

Finally one fine day, exactly twelve months later in the month of December 2016, when I was going about my business in the bathroom, I noticed spotting on my panty liners. I looked at it, and I realised it was pink spots. I knew immediately it was a sign that my period was coming.

The month of February is ending, and tomorrow is the beginning of a new month. I've since had my period three times, once every month. I have my PMS, and my period pains, and bloating that accompanies it. I dread it, but I know it is a sign that my body is functioning normally.

Never in my last 26 years (since I started menstruating at 12), had I ever had it come every month!

Nothing can keep me from my miracle. It took 12 months of praying and travailing, and I received my miracle. I believe in the power of praying, faith, holding steadfast and believing that I have a God that heals.

The only thing I can say is that every time we seek God and pray for healing, our prayers are like incense that rise up to the heavens (Revelations 5:8). When enough incense have risen, and our prayers fills up our prayer bowls, like lightning, the Lord will light it up with fire, and hurl it back at us with our answers. (Revelations 8: 3-5).

I pray, and hope you too will find your miracle.

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