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Melbourne: Boxing Day Haul 2016.

Hi everyone, how was your Christmas?

I am officially a Christmas orphan in Melbourne. It sounds funny now as I type it, but my Christmas was shit.

All my mates were away, I had no family here, and it was a hot day.

Boxing Day was a little better..... near my place is Pacific Werribee, which houses quite a number of the big brands like The Body Shop, LUSH, and T2 to name a few..

Pacific Werribee opened specially on Boxing Day at 8am. I arrived there at 7.50am.

Then headed straight to the shops. Was done with my shopping by 10.30am.

Then went home to take a nap..

Lush- Boxing Day haul.

The Body Shop- Boxing Day haul. 

Burt's Bees- Boxing Day haul (from Myers)

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