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Masterchef cooking frenzy

Life is settling down fairly consistently in Melbourne now.

I'm living in the western bit of Melbourne, near Hoppers Crossing. So if any of my readers happen to come by this area, pray leave me a note, and we may meet up for coffee. 

Gung Pou chicken with cashew nuts
The latest thing in my life is Masterchef. I've been sitting in with my mum and dad watching this show for the past month or so. It's now to to about 16 contestants, and it's been great fun watching how the different ingredients can be made into wonderful looking and tasty foods.
Layer chocolate cake with salted caramel and chocolate drizzle.
Mussels in tomato, chilli and wine sauce. 
BBQ chicken wings. 
Bacon seafood carbonara pasta. 
Granted that the reality show took place over four months ago (Wednesday's team challenge took place in Melbourne Chinatown during CNY with Kylie Kwong) so that gave the viewers a hint of how much editing and marketing must have taken place before it could go on air. 

It still has quite a bit of a run before the end of the season. Lets hope for more interesting recipes to come along. 


AlexandraLuella said...

Ah, Masterchef! Or the show NOT to watch before bed, always send me rummaging the fridge for food. Likewise, with all these pictures on your blog.

Hope you settle down well in Melbourne Chea Yee. Your blog's been a pleasant read :) x

Michelle from

cheayee said...

Hi.. thanks.. it's been almost three years since I moved to Melbourne. I haven't been doing much cooking, but I think i will go back to cooking now. kekeke.

Lots of things have happened, and I finally have my own domain now. I'm so pleased about having my own domain instead of having the "blogspot" hovering over url address. LOL

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