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Update: Living the Melbourne life.

It's been ages since my last post. Here's an update.

Since the middle of March, I've relocated to Melbourne from Sydney. I've stayed three weeks in Fern Tree Gully, exploring the Eastern bit. Then I moved over to Truganina, and have been living here ever since. Relocating to a new city is quite a bold move, and has not been easy.

Historic town of Berrima, NSW.
How people were disclipined in the 1831.
Public punishment from British times. 
I love lavender. 
Stones Patisserie. 
Owner of Stones Patisserie. 
Jam store. 
Signage store.
"General Store".
It reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. :-)

It took me two nights to drive down alone from Sydney to Melbourne, on the Hume Highway. Above are some pictures of the historic town of Berrima, on my way driving towards Albury. I stayed overnight at a motel in Albury, before resuming my drive,  passing by Yarra Valley wineries towards Fern Tree Gully by the following night.

I'm fairly familiar with the Dandenong side of the city, having visited the Kokodo 1000 steps up the range near Fern Tree Gully a couple of times. It's a trip one should take if you are nearby, and best of all, it's healthy, and it's free, and you get to breathe fresh air! :-)

I had long morning walks to Rowville from Ferntree Gully, driving to Boxhill, Springvale, and Knox, Ringwood, getting familiar with Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully Road, Scoresby Road, Glen Waverley, as well as the M1.

I love the Salvos Store in Stud Park. It has the loveliest things ever, and the things that come in here are of high value. I have yet to see much of these in the stores in the West bit so far.
I visited a couple of churches here, but my favourite so far is Australia for Christ in Rowville. I like churches that encourage the worshippers to pray (you would imagine it is a given, but it is not in this time and age). The pastor encourages people to come up for prayer as service starts, and the congregation comprises of many Malaysians, predominantly the elderly, and families.

Currently I'm attending Greater Life, a pentecostal church in Hoppers Crossing. The pastoral team encourages prayer during service, speaking in tongues, and the worshippers put on their Sunday Best on Sunday.

The congregation itself is very welcoming of newcomers, and I like that being someone who came alone during my first visit. The pastors actually remember your name, and will call to follow up during the week to ask how you are doing.

I will write more about my experience living in the West in a later post.

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