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Depression: Three weeks of hell.

The last three weeks have been one heck of a journey.

The first were two cases of adultery. Sometimes even when you are not the one who is married, you have to deal with men who are. And some who do not know where to draw the line even when you have voiced out your concerns.

I am not sure why this has caused me so much sorrow. Perhaps in this case, both were my friends. Perhaps both were tempted at that point of time. The latter being the worse, and hence, as Joseph did with Potiphar's wife, he resisted and physically walked away.

I can be a good friend, and listener, but man, you are married. That is where I draw the lines of our friendship.

Worrying about my friends, of which one who is under the discipleship of the Lord, and another who is depressed with a health condition. I ask, why Lord, do I have to deal with these cases? Don't I have enough worries of my own to handle without having to handle other people's problems as well?
I need to be covered in prayer as well, and it would be nice if people reached out and showed concern for me as well. I'm tired.

Then next, I had to deal with the vandalism of my car...  Really, what did I do to deserve this? What are you trying to show me through this, Lord?

And finally, in less than one week, I have someone who has mysteriously taken my laptop away. I am already mentally tired as it is. I have to process my feelings in regards to adultery, depression, vandalism, and now theft.

I now have to fix the offside mirror of the car.

How much more can I take? Every two days I have one new problem to process. And finally, I have my driving test to take on Wednesday.

I am tired. Exhausted. And I really can't cope.

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