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First Christmas Gift: Aesop's The Intent Observer

My Christmas Day was well.. dull. I didn't meet many people, however I did receive a Christmas Day present from Hai.

I've been going out only recently with Hai, hence I was surprised to receive a gift.... but I always love presents! :-)

Aesop- The Intent Observer
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Announcing: Charis Tree Family Day Care.

Announcing: Charis Tree Family Day Care.

To my readers,

Alas, sorry I've been away since Sept.. but with good reason.

As of date, I've successfully applied to South West Childcare for the position of educator in my own family day care service.

I've also applied to ASIC to have legal use of my business name. Having registered the name, I then proceeded to apply for a new business account with Commonwealth Bank to be able to open a new transaction with the same name.

I will be commencing work in January.

So, announcing my new business- "Charis Tree Family Day Care".

These are the links to my new business site:

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Melbourne: Boxing Day Haul 2016.

Hi everyone, how was your Christmas?

I am officially a Christmas orphan in Melbourne. It sounds funny now as I type it, but my Christmas was shit.

All my mates were away, I had no family here, and it was a hot day.

Boxing Day was a little better..... near my place is Pacific Werribee, which houses quite a number of the big brands like The Body Shop, LUSH, and T2 to name a few..

Pacific Werribee opened specially on Boxing Day at 8am. I arrived there at 7.50am.

Then headed straight to the shops. Was done with my shopping by 10.30am.

Then went home to take a nap..

Lush- Boxing Day haul.
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My calling seeks me out.


My calling seeks me out.

There comes a time when we have to return to the calling and the gifts that we have been given that we may serve the people in the land that we have been called to.

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My favourite desserts.


My favourite desserts.

My favourite desserts are: tiramisu, lemon meringue tarts, salted caramel sauce in no favourite order.

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My thoughts: Mise En Place Melbourne

On Monday, I made a trip down to South Wharf to check out the Gault & Millau's Mise En Place trade show.

Our show bags and directory. 
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My thoughts: Franchise Business Opportunities Expo (MCEC)


My thoughts: Franchise Business Opportunities Expo (MCEC)

Last Friday, I went to visit the Melbourne Franchise and Business Opportunities Expo in MCEC (Short for Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre) in South Wharf.

It is located next to the DFO (Direct Factory Outlet).

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I bought a Good Life gym membership

I bought a Good Life gym membership

I recently joined Good Life Health Club.
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Finances: the financial observation on dessert startups.


Finances: the financial observation on dessert startups.

I really enjoyed watching Matt Sinclair on Masterchef Australia for this year's  season. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that he didn't win, as he is starting his own little start up now in Brisbane.
I've always enjoyed the company of people who head into entrepreneurship, as it's an area I'm familiar with from my family background.

I've always been interested in startups. However just lacking the persistence and determination in going through the motions. Lol.

Recently I was at Finders Keepers market  in Melbourne. It's like a night market but indoors, selling all kinds of bespoke and cute stuff. One of the stalls was selling bacon salted caramel popcorn.
Calculating the costing for the popcorn. For a packet of 200 grams? Bacon Popcorn salted caramel, the costing would have been 0.75 cents or less, including the packaging. She was selling it for $10 a packet.

I think that was the most popular range she had for popcorn considering powdered cheese is really expensive in Australia.

I am calculating the stall would have spent the most money on a booth rental of $900 for three days, design of logo, printing of logo, and labour hours. She sold other stuff with peanuts, praline and mostly caramel products.

There was another stall selling salted caramel sauce. Yes, because I've made the caramel sauce for a cake I've made before, it stood out to me, it was selling for $10.00. The cost for making salted caramel sauce would be more expensive, factoring in the cost of cream, and the bottle.

Would I venture into a side dessert business? I really like salted caramel so it may be something related to salted caramel. But now is still time for me to experiment on which is the best workable idea.
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You save money when you know a second language.


You save money when you know a second language.

Knowing a second language helps. In fact, knowing a second language anywhere in the world helps. And this really applies in Australia, especially when there are other ethnic groups.

It helps economically in terms of getting a much better rate for services and rates.
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Baking: Third Attempt baking a pound cake in a breadmaker.

This recipe for a pound cake... Cakes are so temperamental.

You change one element, it changes the whole cake. Took me two hours to bake it using the breadmaker. ... Why? Coz in third attempt, I used two whole eggs, and one egg yolk, and one egg white meringue. Granted, the one egg meringue wasn't enough to sustain the batter.. (means not airy enough).
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Being a good house guest.


Being a good house guest.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I had a young Singaporean guest from Sydney staying for two weeks. Then a couple of Korean mates coming to stay with two kids.

Really, anyone who is 20, and tells you that 'people think they are really mature'  should be taken with a pinch of salt. Especially when they throw their stuff all over the guest room, doesn't help out until asked, or help to clean up when you have cooked meals for them. In fact you have to do twice the work after their arrival.

Whereas one who is in their late 30s who cook, clean, and dry up after themselves know much about being a good guest. So much so that you don't need to say anything.

Someone in their early 20s have to be told what to do, and what to expect. Due to lack of experience of probably staying with others, or mentoring, they really do not know what is required.

Anyways, it's good to communicate your expectations and requirements when allowing or having a young guest stay in your place. It will do much good for their social skills in future and they will thank you for it.

It will make them a much better house guest, and they will get a return invite to stay in future.

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First attempt at smoking lamb

With Masterchef Australia on for five days consecutively (Sundays to Thursdays), and on repeat on Saturdays, it is no doubt that this program has had an effect of encouraging viewers to try out different cooking techniques in their own homes. 

Whilst at cooking school at TAFE, we did not really fiddle much with smoking our ingredients as a cooking techniques due to lack of time in class. In the past few episodes recently, a couple of the contestants have been using a smoking gun to smoke their sauces as well as their meats. 

A check on the internet reveals that a smoking gun costs at least $100 over. Since I am a DIY person, and cheapskate, I decided to not go that path. 

On Queen's Birthday, Anaconda was open. So I decided to take a run to the shops, and they were having sales. Good timing, I say. 

Since it also happened to be the day that my parents were flying off to KL, I decided to make dinner. So a kale salad with onions, sun dried tomatoes and lemon dressing it was, Smoked  Lamb, and hot steaming rice it was. 
Found the Gasmate smoker box for about 20 bucks,
and Apple Wood Pellets for $6.
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Visiting the National Gallery Victoria


I was recently made an organiser in the meetup group, Melbourne Friend Makers. Hence making use of the opportunity, I decided to organise a trip to the NGV about three days to the event.

After church, I headed down to the city and made my way to the NGV on a cold winter's day on a Sunday afternoon.The meetup app was being put to full use, with my constantly updating my whereabouts to the participants who had rsvped to come.

There were three floors at NGV, with Level 3 being contemporary art, Level 2 being the permanent art gallery for victorian paintings, and Level 1 for the permanent Asian art collection.

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Masterchef cooking frenzy

Life is settling down fairly consistently in Melbourne now.

I'm living in the western bit of Melbourne, near Hoppers Crossing. So if any of my readers happen to come by this area, pray leave me a note, and we may meet up for coffee. 

Gung Pou chicken with cashew nuts
The latest thing in my life is Masterchef. I've been sitting in with my mum and dad watching this show for the past month or so. It's now to to about 16 contestants, and it's been great fun watching how the different ingredients can be made into wonderful looking and tasty foods.


Update: Living the Melbourne life.

It's been ages since my last post. Here's an update.

Since the middle of March, I've relocated to Melbourne from Sydney. I've stayed three weeks in Fern Tree Gully, exploring the Eastern bit. Then I moved over to Truganina, and have been living here ever since. Relocating to a new city is quite a bold move, and has not been easy.

Historic town of Berrima, NSW.
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Return from Melbourne

I just returned from a week's trip in Melbourne. It's nice to see my parents....

I didn't have a good time on the Jetstar flight back from Melbourne. I really think they are on a tight budget as they going counter free and want all their passengers to check in via the kiosks. Sigh. What happened to personalised touch? At least Virgin Air has not gone to that extent. Checking in via kiosks should not be imposed on customers, but just an option.. seriously.  

Anyways, here are some pictures of my trip there. 

Melbourne Convention Centre 

Rice Paper, Swanston Street 

Queen Victoria Market, North Melbourne 

Lentil As Anything,  St Kilda 
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 I passed my New South Wales Driving Test!


I passed my New South Wales Driving Test!

My third day of refreshing has been good so far.
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Day 1: Lifting my spirit of depression away

As depressed as I was, I still had plenty to keep me busy today. I took a walk around my neighbourhood just to free up my mind, and looked at all the gardens and plants around.

Two blocks away, I found out that Yoshi San, the chef who works in Manmaruya and is the sushi and fish chef lives there. I was as surprised as day to see him reading a book on the patio. It was his day off after all.

There was an apartment that has curry leaf plants, and  garden full of herbs and flowers along Sudbury Street.

I then went to the bank to help settle some financial issues for my brother, and went to Commonwealth Bank to learn to write cheques properly the Australian way. My business checking account is in Commonwealth Bank, so it made sense for me to go to the bank that supplied my cheques. Times have changed since 2006 when they only write one part of your name on the cheque in Toowoomba.

Anyways, I finally managed to get the offside mirror of the Honda Jazz VTI 2015 fixed. Because I was paying cash, the owner only charged me $280 for it, even issuing me a tax docket on top of it as well, rather than the $310 that he quote me earlier next week.
I finally settled to have my lunch  at 3.30pm after settling everything for the day at Diane's down the road.

So far, it's been a fairly good day to start in refreshing my spirit.

Tea at Diane's, Belmore.
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Depression: Three weeks of hell.


Depression: Three weeks of hell.

The last three weeks have been one heck of a journey.

The first were two cases of adultery. Sometimes even when you are not the one who is married, you have to deal with men who are. And some who do not know where to draw the line even when you have voiced out your concerns.

I am not sure why this has caused me so much sorrow. Perhaps in this case, both were my friends. Perhaps both were tempted at that point of time. The latter being the worse, and hence, as Joseph did with Potiphar's wife, he resisted and physically walked away.

I can be a good friend, and listener, but man, you are married. That is where I draw the lines of our friendship.

Worrying about my friends, of which one who is under the discipleship of the Lord, and another who is depressed with a health condition. I ask, why Lord, do I have to deal with these cases? Don't I have enough worries of my own to handle without having to handle other people's problems as well?
I need to be covered in prayer as well, and it would be nice if people reached out and showed concern for me as well. I'm tired.

Then next, I had to deal with the vandalism of my car...  Really, what did I do to deserve this? What are you trying to show me through this, Lord?

And finally, in less than one week, I have someone who has mysteriously taken my laptop away. I am already mentally tired as it is. I have to process my feelings in regards to adultery, depression, vandalism, and now theft.

I now have to fix the offside mirror of the car.

How much more can I take? Every two days I have one new problem to process. And finally, I have my driving test to take on Wednesday.

I am tired. Exhausted. And I really can't cope.
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My Asus laptop was stolen

Someone has swiped my Asus K401LB laptop from under my nose, when I was at home last night. There were no signs of forced entry, and all my housemates denied seeing or taking it. 

It went missing when I was still home, from under my own nose, in a span of ten minutes, after taking a shower, and going into the kitchen about 2150hours. 

By the time I returned, around 2200 hours, it had disappeared. The couple were in their rooms, so I asked if they had seen it, but they denied any knowledge. 

The other two, one of which who drives his own car had just left home, so I called them each individually on the phone to ask if they had taken or seen my laptop. But they both denied any knowledge.

As all the housemates had denied taking it, there were grounds to make a police report that there was a break in, enter and theft that occurred, for the safety of all occupants concerned. 

I made the report this morning, and the police just left after taking notes and testimony of all of us five occupants, along with our ID details. 

My Asus K401LB is 14 inch, of a dark blue metallic colour. It was bought in Malaysia, so this particular model, of the K series, is not available in Australia. I also gave the serial number, and showed the receipt of the purchase to the police. 

My other housemate, Nauman, also put in the report that his external HDD had gone missing a few days back. He only realised his was missing after I reported my laptop had gone missing. 

The police report was necessary to get the ball rolling, and for them to pursue the case, and let the perpetrators be aware that any future theft would involve police officers coming through again.

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Depression: My car was vandalised.

The last two weeks have been really stressful.
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Four words to live by for 2016


Four words to live by for 2016

The new year has come, and it is one week to go before the month of February is before us.

If there are just four words I can summarise, and strive to live by for the year 2016, they are:

1) Wisdom
2) Position Ourselves
3) Rest.

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