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Nuffnang's White Christmas Dayre launch

Last Friday, on 9th December, I was thrilled to be part of the invited to Nuffnang Australia's White Christmas Party in Sydney to be part of their select group of bloggers of the Dayre app launch.

The place took place in the evening at the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel. So a bunch of (all) female bloggers came together to cam whore, eat, chat, and take selfies.

Goodie bags, and my snake bite.
Mini burgers.
Charlotte from "How Do You Do 22" (middle) and Lisa "Weekend Food Escapes". 

Senna from "Miss Senna" 

Ling from "Happy Ling Fish

The evening ended pretty well.. just remind me not to take any alcohol... It just drives me a little mad at the end of the evening. :-)

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