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Second driving lesson in Sydney

I eventually decided to sign up for a six hour driving lesson with the instructor, Albert from Prestige Driving School. Including yesterday's lesson, it would be altogether seven hours.

Today is my second hour lesson on the road. We worked on driving around the quiet neighbourhood, the single lane roundabout, and some of the parking exercises. He said my skills aren't chronically bad, but I have the disposition to panic easily.

His advise is to drive slowly and take everything in, and to take it calm and easy  when manoeuvring the car.

I decided to just let Albert converse with me in Cantonese, as it was a lot easier for dialogue.

He advised that I should just make a booking to have the driving exam date, as the place and dates can be changed given a 24 hour notice, and exam dates are always on a waiting list.

Given that I'm living in Belmore, he advise that I should choose the Road Transport registries in either Rockdale, or Beverly Hills, and start practising my driving on the road skills in the vicinity to familiarise with the local road conditions.

These two areas have a high waiting list as the road conditions are a lot less busy and easier to pass, as say compared to Five Docks.

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