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Second day back in Sydney

So the first of my mates to meet me is.. *drum roll* *drum roll* in first position, Jo Cho, mother of goddaughter, Hannah, and her husband Ricky.

We met up for coffee this afternoon at The Coffee Story, this nondescript korean vietnamese cafe in Campsie. 
Jo and CY
The Coffee Story
I saw a black pigeon lying quietly at one of the stalls whilst grocery shopping at Roselands shopping mall earlier tonight ... I was wondering whether it was just a stall decor, but it was actually very much alive, and its black round eyes were blinking back at me. I wanted to go and touch it, but Ricky said to leave it alone.... LOL.

We went to Roselands as I wanted to get some fresh food items for cooking since eating out would be the lowest on my priority list as I need to work on a limited budget as I am currently not working. I would also too like to experiment with cooking at home and being effective with the least amount of time and ingredients necessary.

So I went for my first and introductory one hour driving lesson today. After trying to process the instruction given by the instructor, I had a really sore head..... I doubt I can do a two hour lesson after today's outcome. >_<

The instructor pointed out two things to me that I needed to take notice off..

1) (Not in the exam, but...)To take note and make sure base of right foot is touching the floor of car when using accelerator and braking. My foot positioning did not enable enough strength in pressing the pedals. I kept pressing the brakes, hence my parking techniques was not as fluid as it could be.

2) To effectively steer the car, and reduce or minimise the number of direction changes when parking. The exam allows up to four, but I should try to do it in two changes, or maximum three.

I have a bit of difficulty with this, so the instructor was advising me to take note. Also knowing at which part of the angle of 45 degree to turn in when reversing the car for parking

3) To park the car as close as practical to the kerb (less than 500 mm) and the vehicle should be in a parallel position and not touching the kerb. This probably takes some practice to get used to it.

It was good that I had the lesson, so I could have an idea of what to watch out for. I asked Ricky about his parking skills, and he showed me how he parked his car... dialogue which is good as it helps me understand how they negotiate their own driving skills.

Hmm it must be a guy thing... most females just don't really get it and probably need twice as much time for the whole driving thing. >_<

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