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From KL to Sydney with love.

I finally made my trip back to Sydney.....

When I checked in last night at Airasia in KLIA2, I showed both my old Malaysian passport carrying my Australian visa, and my new empty passport.

With just one call to the 24 hour Australian call service (apparently), the system managed to update and transfer details of my visa from my old passport to my new passport.... it went through as they then were able to print my boarding passes.

The first wave of passengers to disembark the plane this morning, took about one hour to clear the crowd through the Sydney immigration clearance. The only exception would be those who have an Australian passport, an e-chip passport (that shares details with Australia), or someone who holds an Express Pass (i.e. first class or business class passengers).

Now I'm wondering if paying that extra RM500 would have been worth it instead of waiting for one hour... hmmm.

The only passenger who did a lot of whingeing were those who had a connecting flight to catch. By default, I understand that if one has to catch a connecting flight, they normally should not have to go through clearance until they reach their final destination. Am I not right?

Well, that's something the airports have to work out anyways, but something to keep in mind when catching a connecting flight (it really doesn't make any sense to have to go through clearance if one has to catch a connecting flight anyways, at least not till the final destination).

There was not much to declare on the Incoming Passenger Plane apart from packed food and stuff, which was detected on the x-ray screening machine. Knowing how the Australia customs are quite pedantic about bringing in food items, I packed all the food into just one luggage back. As such, it resulted that I only had to open that one luggage after all.

Coming out of the airport, I had to make a decision of whether to take the cab, or to take public transport. I took the cab. It was a wise decision considering I had two 20 kilo luggage bags, a 10 kilo carry on luggage, a 2.8kg Yamaha Keytar keyboard, a handbag, and a bottle of Appeton Rum.

 I ended up paying AUD40 for the cab fare. Excluding the Airport Cab tax would bring the amount to roughly 35 bucks ish. The cab took the M5 highway driving past Rockdale, straight to Canterbury Road and then to Burwood Road. I was initially expecting to pay at least AUD50 from prior experience, so this was much less than I expected.

It was about 2pm Sydney time by the time I reached Belmore. Having had a long day out, I just went straight to bed... hence ending my adventure of returning to Sydney this morning.

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