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Day Nine Back in Sydney

Today is Wednesday. I am writing this from the Campsie library because there is a desktop, and bloody free internet here.

I'm not going to do anything today except read books and come to the library.

Last night, Bestie called as I was coming home from the city. It was very comforting to hear from him asking me how I was settling back here in Sydney. Bestie is not a person who shows much emotion, and does not like displaying it. He doesn't like it when I ask how he is, so I normally refrain from asking too much.

Yesterday evening, I went to the Ashfield Park with a mate from Lentils. He asked why had I not come to visit, so my answer to him was for the very same reasons that I did not visit Remus when he is working. I have this established pattern and routine with Bestie on how we meet.

Rationally, this reason is legitimate..  I don't know. Perhaps I should go pay a visit and be a pest to Dai. Dai is not Remus, and Remus is not Dai. We shall see.

I enjoy being around the boisterous energy that Dai possesses. I miss it actually. He says it's not his, but I disagree because its just part of his personality. Bullshit.

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