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Catching up with bestie.

Catch up with Hui Min, Alice and Remus. 
Ha, my mom just asked me if I had bought a new laptop coz she saw my latest update on FB... LOL. Yup, she reads my FB updates ...

Tonight is the night before my brother's wedding ceremony. This will be his last night sleeping at home as a single man... (not that I particularly care anyways...)

Just some words of personal reflection before this night is over.

This trip back home has been.. at most sentimental. I've spent the last week doing my own stuff, and trying to tie up loose ends. That involved consolidating all my finances and closing up of all accounts that I no longer needed.

It's not that I won't come home to Malaysia anymore, but it's a pretty big step of deciding to step out on my own in Sydney. I can do that in KL too, but I'm a "citizen of two countries" .. not that I am, but its easier to put it in those terms.

Perhaps if my endeavour is not successful in Sydney, I will think of returning to KL, but it seems that by the doors and signs that I have seen, the Lord is showing me that the time for me now is in Sydney. I need to seek out my own identity and find the path that the Lord is leading me towards.

It has been great catching up with my bestie, Remus.

At the risk of repeating myself, but in retrospect after my experience at Lentils, it is a pleasant experience to be able to spend time with a friend without having the need to explain yourself too much apart from saying "let's meet for dinner", or "Do you want to go watch a movie? I don't really need to, but if you want to, I'll go with you". and your only reply to that is "I've something on tonight. Can we do this next week?", with the obvious meaning that you both enjoy each other's company and want to do things together.

You don't have to explain your intentions to anyone, nor consider anyone else's, not even your parents'.

I haven't had this in a while, with all my mates working, but it was nice to have a call from a bestie early on a Saturday morning asking "What are you doing? Let's do breakfast. I'll come pick you up".

That was just sweet.

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