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Behind any successful man, there is always a supportive wife.

Tonight I had a conversation with Zen, an old friend from music school...

 She is finally pregnant after so many years being married.... I have three people I know who are pregnant this round when I am back! It's amazing. I said to her that I can only guess that God probably feels that you are mentally and emotionally ready which is why He finally gifted you to be pregnant after so many years. Zen agreed to that statement.

 We continued to have conversations about life, and at one point, I was wondering if a man's career is all that important if he doesn't have it at the beginning of his marriage?

 Zen continued to share that actually, it doesn't matter if a man is penniless when they get married, basing this on her younger brother's experience.

 When her brother was getting married, he didn't even have enough money to hold the wedding reception. However what she said was it is important the partner you choose for your spouse. His in-laws even offered to give him a loan so he could hold his wedding reception... And he just took it because he had zero money.

 He started out from zero when he first got married, but he and his wife now own three homes. His wife is industrious and hardworking.

Even when his wife was in a pregnant state, she was willing to go out and drive out to do deliveries accompanied by my friend. 

The brother has been married for seven years with three kids in tow now.

 Zen's summary in a nutshell is: It doesn't matter if a man is penniless in the beginning of the marriage, as long as he is willing to work hard, and has a supportive partner.

 To make the relationship work, both need to work hard, walking step by step together, and come to an agreement and compromise with each other.

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