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24 hours before Sydney

It's almost time to return to Sydney.

I've had some wonderful memories in my time back here.

CY and TY.
Today I finally met up with TY, who is both the owner and principal of the make-up academy, Metamoff Gallery. I was attending the academy prior to  returning to Sydney in 2013. Yeap, I did attend classes for application of make up for a while.. 

One of my mates had once asked why didn't I just follow the tutorials on Youtube instead of attending classes? Seriously, you can't do that until you have a basic understanding on how to use the various cosmetic products and understand how each product works and how to use and apply them on the face. i.e foundation, and eyebrow preparation.

TY is also a part time consultant in banking services as she had completed a double major of Marketing and Finance with Curtin Uni, and is now studying Law part time at Brickfields College. And all that when she is only 26. What else can she not do??

TY knows I blog.... hahah (and probably about this too... LOL)

It was a nice French lunch we had Le Pont. TY's brother studied Patisserie and Asian cuisine in Taylors College in KL, so we have that commonality factor.

There is a reason why my Bestie is my bestie. He is the last person to visit me, despite just recovering from a flu... (and his chihuahuas just gave birth).

Remus came to my home to pick me up. He managed to try my double layer chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream and dressed with salted caramel. 

Bestie said the cake needed a bit more cocoa powder and was a little floury. Apart from that, the salted caramel was rather nicely done, so that's good. The cake is quite sweet when combined with the salted caramel and everything. LOL. 

Who let the dogs out??
Bestie and I headed off to have some tea at The Hound, located nearby in OUG. It turned out to be a dog cafe, which had all kinds of chihuahuas, beagles, and of course, mostly frequented by either Chinese or Indian people since most Malays don't keep dogs.

Separations are a bittersweet moment..  And Bestie can be a nag... Lol.

Remus said he may drop by Sydney during Christmas. I guess the probability is there, since his mother lives there too. Woo hoo.... can't wait for more company in Sydney! :-)

Have I accomplished everything that I wanted to now? I can't say I have, but I've tied up most loose ends. The people that wanted to meet up with me would have already done so by now. 

Until then, see you guys in Sydney!

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