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14th Day Back in Kuala Lumpur

Tea at Butter and Beans, OUG. 
My girl friends are precious.

When you meet up with mates after an extended period, they recall things that you told them ages ago...  Even the random names and circumstances.
As you relate the past seven months of your life in a few hours, your more  spiritually mature friends are able to point out things you may not have realised.

For whatever reasons that God may have allowed a situation to happen twice in your life within the span of six months, we will never understand it until very much later.

In my trip back this time to KL, three of my female mates are now expecting. One who is a mate from music school, who has been married for close to five years but had yet to fall pregnant until now.

In His wisdom, He has allowed me to understand that He has His reasons for bringing certain things to fruition. I have reason to believe that perhaps by this time next year, perhaps Cecile from my church in Sydney will be expecting as well...

It's not so much that just because a couple marries early that they will have children immediately, but some may have to wait ten years (without IVF) before they are gifted with a child.

I used to worry about my fertility and my health that the chances of my conceiving will be low. To me, I really do not want to get married unless it was with the intention of starting a family. If it was just for companionship, I do not really need to settle down after all. In fact, I wouldn't even have to date or have a partner.

After listening to the stories of my many married friends and meditating about it, I realised worrying about declining fertility (because your relatives and friends think it is dangerous to your health which is technically actually true in female biological age), it is not as much a concern because anything really is possible with God.

8 years ago my brother said he will never get married. For the longest time, he seemed to be a confirmed bachelor. In the end, he still got married. Who knows what plans the Lord has for us?

Man may plan his steps, but in the end it is God's plans that will prevail. Proverbs 16:9

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