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Day Ten back in Sydney

So I finally made a trip to Lentils today.  

Trying Dai's first soy coffee handiwork.
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Day Nine Back in Sydney

Day Nine Back in Sydney

Today is Wednesday. I am writing this from the Campsie library because there is a desktop, and bloody free internet here.
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Eats: Yasaka Ramen, Sydney

After the usual Tuesday meetup at the Shark Hotel, we headed off to this diner called the Yasaka Ramen on Liverpool St.  

Yes, that's Nicolas and Malin..
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Day Six: the beautiful beaches of Maroubra

Today was a much better day for me. 
On Day Six, I took a trip with my housemates to the beach. Neha had been asking me about going on the trip for days, but I could not give her a reply until last night. 

Looking like the yakuza (japanese triad gang).
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Day Five: House Inspection Day

Today is house inspection day.
Hannah at Oliver Brown Burwood
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Eats: Yes! Indeed Thai @ Belmore

On Friday night, my housemates invited me to join them for dinner at this place nearby in Belmore. We went to this Thai diner, Yes! Indeed Thai near our home.

The place has the sign Halal displayed proudly outside, making it ceremoniously appropriate for both Muslims and those of the Jewish faith.  

Chicken spring rolls.
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Third day back in Sydney

Today was another quiet day in Belmore.

Khan and John, the landlord came to pick up the rent for the next two weeks. Khan, being the existential entrepreneur, wanted to contribute to my burgeoning day care business idea... it is a nice idea, but I can't really envision Khan as a business partner at this point of time.....
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Second driving lesson in Sydney


Second driving lesson in Sydney

I eventually decided to sign up for a six hour driving lesson with the instructor, Albert from Prestige Driving School. Including yesterday's lesson, it would be altogether seven hours.

Today is my second hour lesson on the road. We worked on driving around the quiet neighbourhood, the single lane roundabout, and some of the parking exercises. He said my skills aren't chronically bad, but I have the disposition to panic easily.

His advise is to drive slowly and take everything in, and to take it calm and easy  when manoeuvring the car.

I decided to just let Albert converse with me in Cantonese, as it was a lot easier for dialogue.

He advised that I should just make a booking to have the driving exam date, as the place and dates can be changed given a 24 hour notice, and exam dates are always on a waiting list.

Given that I'm living in Belmore, he advise that I should choose the Road Transport registries in either Rockdale, or Beverly Hills, and start practising my driving on the road skills in the vicinity to familiarise with the local road conditions.

These two areas have a high waiting list as the road conditions are a lot less busy and easier to pass, as say compared to Five Docks.

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Second day back in Sydney

So the first of my mates to meet me is.. *drum roll* *drum roll* in first position, Jo Cho, mother of goddaughter, Hannah, and her husband Ricky.

We met up for coffee this afternoon at The Coffee Story, this nondescript korean vietnamese cafe in Campsie. 
Jo and CY
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First day back in Sydney.


First day back in Sydney.

I had a good three hour sleep after returning home to Belmore this afternoon.
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From KL to Sydney with love.


From KL to Sydney with love.

I finally made my trip back to Sydney.....

When I checked in last night at Airasia in KLIA2, I showed both my old Malaysian passport carrying my Australian visa, and my new empty passport.
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Eats: The Hound @ Taman OUG

Finally here is a post of a special cafe for man's best friend. Yes,  you guessed it!  It's a cafe especially for dogs..!

On Sunday, Bestie brought me for a  tea outing to this place called The Hound.

I am actually quite surprised to find that we actually have a dog cafe in OUG.

Wonders beyond wonders.
Operating hours.
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Eats: Bakar by BIG @ Taman Weng Lock, Bangsar.

Last Wednesday was a public holiday.

My cousins and I decided to make a trip to this off the path cafe in Bangsar for a lunch meet up.

I ended up driving to McDonalds in Jln Telawi as I had no idea where this cafe was, and did not want to get lost on my way there...
The open kitchen area.
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24 hours before Sydney

It's almost time to return to Sydney.

I've had some wonderful memories in my time back here.

CY and TY.
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It's almost time to go.


It's almost time to go.

It's nearly the end of my three weeks in KL.
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Coffee Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

Coffee chocolate cheesecake dressed with a topping of stewed strawberries.

This is my second attempt at baking a cheesecake on this trip home. 
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Salted Duck's Egg Prawn with Curry Leaves.

I bought a container of four salted ducks eggs from Econsave Pearl Point yesterday night when I was scouting for chicken eggs.. 
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Eats: Le Pont Boulangerie @ Jalan Klang Lama

After lunch today, Zen and I were supposed to head to Owls Cafe in Bukit Jalil this afternoon for tea. However it so happened I spied this cafe out of the corner of my eye and decided to pay a visit to this place. Zen didn't want to look at owls as she was going through some superstitious stage of her pregnancy so we ended up at this place instead. 
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Eats: Big Baba @ Taman Desa.

 I finally made the long awaited trip to Big Baba last Tuesday with Kah Shiong, a mate from high school. 
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15th Day back in Kuala Lumpur

I finally managed to find time to pay a visit to Poh Poh (grandma) today.
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14th Day Back in Kuala Lumpur

Tea at Butter and Beans, OUG. 
My girl friends are precious.
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Behind any successful man, there is always a supportive wife.


Behind any successful man, there is always a supportive wife.

Tonight I had a conversation with Zen, an old friend from music school...
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My brother's chinese wedding.

So my brother's wedding has gone and done.

Kingsley weds Alexandra
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Catching up with bestie.

Catch up with Hui Min, Alice and Remus. 
Ha, my mom just asked me if I had bought a new laptop coz she saw my latest update on FB... LOL. Yup, she reads my FB updates ...

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Seventh day back in Kuala Lumpur

It's good when you know you are on top of your tasks.

The Asus K401L
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New Hairdo, New Frames.

So this is the day after my hairdo.. the hairdresser is kind of old fashioned, and not so trendy with her hairblowing skills, but my hairdo that I did on my own is pretty okay.. so all's good.

New hairdo, new frames.
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Ah Lian: Home based hairdresser

I just had a hair cut and hair perm. It was at one of those ajummas that provide hairstyling services at home, and charges a pittance for services rendered.

Apparently my grandmother and aunties have been utilising her services for years and years, and she visits my grandmother who is now house ridden as the latter can't walk.

She used to have her own hair studio but moved on to just home services. Ah Lian only provides basic services like hair cut, perm and colour.

Ah Lian only works only on one customer at a time, so you need to make your appointment days ahead. 

For hair cut, she charges Rm15.
For cold hair perm, the charges start from Rm85. Prices will go up as the stockist will increase charges with the next billing due to the lowering of the Ringgit. Sigh. 

Her contacts:
Ah Lian
Address: 45 Jalan Lazat, Taman Gembira, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Before hair cut.
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