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Why I Like What I Like

Today was one of those days.... that probably hit me like a ton of bricks after finishing my floor service at the Japanese noodle bar and I had a bit of thinking to do after resting in the evening.

Just a short blurb on my brain tonight...
My current thoughts are:

I am not too optimistic about working as a teacher at this point of time, having had a burnout. As much as I love the kids, I really need to take a break from handling kids at this point of time.

Then comes to work at the restaurant.. ok, I would say, in comparison of working on the floor, vs working in the kitchen, I prefer working in the kitchen.

Working on the floor does take a lot out mentally from a person. One has to be constantly alert to respond to every situation on the floor during service. It is the mental alertness that takes a lot out from the floor staff.

I have to say that not every person is built to work on the floor, as I have seen floor managers who have decided to move into the kitchen as they prefer working more with food and ingredients than working with people and customers and having to handle the idiosyncrasies that come with it.

Working in the kitchen also has its own challenges that comes with it.

Depending on your position, whether as a kitchen hand or as a cook, one needs to always be creative, and think of new ideas of how to work with food, as well as practise making the current recipes that you are already familiar with to make it even better.

You would also need to be able to think on your feet as well in a kitchen crises as well as lead other kitchen hands and cooks. However, this all comes down to experience and your knowledge of working with the different ingredients in hand.

As at this time, after my experience on both the floor and kitchen, I can still say that I  much prefer the stability of the routines of working in the kitchen as compared to working on the floor as well.

Today I was looking at this link from the Entourage, as I had signed up to attend their event this coming Saturday. The Entourage was promoting their Diploma of Business, specialising in Entepreneurship.

I chuckled when I was looking at it, as one of my colleagues (namely Jeebak, being the only one) at Lentils majored post grad in Social Entrepreneurship.

Being a daughter of an entrepreneur, I am quite aware of the mind that my father possesses. However, one must not hold any romantic ideals of what being an entrepreneur is.

Being an entrepreneur entails a lot of hard work, putting in long hours like writing out the vision, scouting for the building, or venue, or even getting an architectural plan which may take years to get right, getting the finances and sponsorship for it,getting a marketing and promotion plan to scratch, getting your sales plans and numbers, knowing your market. etc.

 All this taking years to plan, and may not show any fruition for years for the time that is being put in.

Take for example the young Lebanese man who owns the chicken grill near my home in Belmore that I once worked with. At the young age of 25, he is a one man show, doing everything on his own with the minimum number of staff to keep the costs of maintaining the business low.

He works furiously hard, six days a week, and everyday he comes into possession of new ideas that come about what he wants to do with the chicken grill. He has actually decided to sell off his chicken grill business and work with his mother, who owns a Lebanese pizzeria with the intention of expanding the mother's business as he realises it is extremely financially profitable than he initially thought it would.

I on the other hand, am still deciding on the next best plan for my career path. It requires sitting down and taking into account the skills I have which are transferable, and which I can put into use that complements my personality, putting it into a plan, and praying steadfastly for wisdom on how to proceed.

Nonetheless, I am still very excited at the prospect of attending the Entourage's Unconvention 2015 #Uncon15 this Saturday at Town Hall. Woo Hoo! I am quite excited to be able to have the opportunity to hear the eleven speakers from different fields to come and share their stories and challenges, and on how they made their visions into a reality.

There aren't many people in my circle of network that are into entrepreneurship, so I am quite excited to be able to have the opportunity to attend this Saturday's coming event. See you there soon!

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