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One Week to Kuala Lumpur

Last week was among one of the hardest I've had to endured in a while...

It's not that I am not up to the challenge of establishing a business in Sydney, but it was more a private emotional struggle. Granted, the start of this week has been much more tolerable than last week, and I prefer crazy rather than awkward or weird.

Church today was.... well, interesting. I don't normally join the young professionals for lunch, but perhaps God in his wisdom knew that I needed some emotional booster and work advice in speaking to some of other young professional adults.

I had invited Dai to join us for lunch (he's becoming a regular face in my church, so that's really sweet), so I ended up joining the singles group today. Dai seems to be a people person, and able to interact with the people he's come across so far. He's really sweet in more ways than one :-)

When I got home today, I had to do more research before heading to bed (it's already 3 am Sydney time), and I am still researching which areas are still the best to open up a business.

Initially I thought I would like Strathfield, but now that I've done a survey and analyses of the centres, I realise Strathfield is much too costly with too many vacancies due to the high cost of childcare that parents are commuting to other suburbs. I love the vibe in Belmore but the cost of daycare here is a little lower than expected to warrant opening one. Hence, I now have to be thinking of moving back to Ashfield and further out, although I can't really say that I like the vibe in Ashfield that much either.

I am quite excited at the prospect of going home to visit my family and friends in KL, at being able to taste all the delicious Malaysian foods, meet all my old friends, drive my mother's Honda Civic, and also to meet my bestie, Remus Chong.

I wonder if I can get to spend some time in his new restaurant, Big Baba which sells peranakan cuisine. (and learn up some before coming back to Sydney).

Anyways, its just going on and doing further research on what I need to get from KL before I head back. It's a Drivers Knowledge Test on Tuesday, probably checking out the Honda showroom on Wednesday, or Friday, and a couple more house inspections on Saturday morning before I head back on Sunday.

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