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Tasmania: Hobart Day 4 - Farmers Market, Laksa, and Lemon Shortbread

Today was another easy going day. In the morning, we headed off to the Sunday Farmers Market in the city. It was a short walk showcasing lots of local produce, from vege to meat, herbs, cakes, coffee and tea.

After our trip to the market, we headed to K&D Warehouse. There was a 25% off on gardening mixes, manure and other stuff. It was a deal that my host could not resist, as she had sizable grounds at home, for planting fruit trees and vegetables.

When we went home today, I made laksa. This would be my fourth time making laksa, without really relying on a recipe.

I used the normal ingredients like lemongrass, ginger, garlic, chili, coriander root, ground and seeds, cumin ground, cumin seeds, tumeric, and chili powder. Yes, it is a whole lot of spices but spices is the name of the game when it comes to making laksa anyways.
One of the homestay girls, Reena could not take spicy, so my host was worried that it would be too spicy.... well, it ended up that she did not take much of the laksa, but the rest of the people enjoyed it. There was broth leftover, but Miaw didn't want to waste it, so she kept it in a container.

There was a pretty strong wind this afternoon, and I had actually wanted to go out for a walk.. but the weather was just furiously blowing... sigh....

Hence I ended up staying in to bake. There were loads of lemons in the larder, so I ended up baking lemon shortbread with sweet icing lemon glaze. Yummm

Before dinner ended, half the tray was gone... LOL. I think I've found my new sweet pastry for the month. LOL. A

Miaw tells me that the weather tomorrow is going to be cold and windy.... I can only wait and see what happens. 

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