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Tasmania: Hobart Day 2- Beach Howrah, and Salamanca Night

My second day is a lot more relaxing. Basically it was just sleeping in. I woke up at mid day. 

Miaw was encouraging me to sleep in and relax as that was my purpose here. 

This is my mini bag that I packed my travel skincare set in. Half the items are from Dermalogica as they gave all participants door gifts for attending their exclusive members only facemapping event at the Crows Nest HQ recently.

I totally forgot about my hair serum, but at least my face is well hydrated for Hobart climate. :-) 

 This afternoon, I headed off for a long walk from Howrah, where I was staying towards  Bellerive. My first stop took about twenty minutes of walking along the Howrah beach.

It was a good walk with a picturesque view and many photoworthy opportunities.

Star fishes live on this beach... 

Time for a selfie at Howrah Beach. 

I took the bus to the city.... The most comical moment was when I paid 1.40aud for the bus ride. It was comical because apparently that was the fare that students in high school pay.. I can't believe the bus driver actually believed that I was at least a year 12 student. Lol. 

In the city, I met up with Miaw to head towards Salamanca... Chicken wings were going for 2.50aud for a kilo which apparently is quite cheap. I bought two kilos and are marinating them for dinner tomorrow night. 

For dinner on Saturday, I'm making Bbq chicken wings, Korean pancake, and  Korean kyeran Jim. Simple stuff and quick and easy to make. We will be heading to Salamanca markets tomorrow, so we shall pick up a bit more supplies along the way. 

Today has been a lot more relaxing and laid back than my first day here. I haven't really found the answers I was looking for, but at least I'm relaxing a little more with my break time here. 

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