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Criteria: looking for a husband.

Today I spoke to a colleague at Lentils..  Who had been interested in me...

However, for whatever reasons, I decided to share with him my criteria in looking for a life partner.

Eventhough my age is advancing, my  mother has not pushed me to settle down, but said that until the right person appears, I should not rush into a relationship.

My criteria is:
1) He needs to have a purpose in his life.  He needs to know what he wants and shows a passion and is ready to go all out to get it.

As in, planning for his own life and ready to go there. Perhaps it's because my father is like that, that's why I end up only wanting to choose a person who is a go getter.

The reason I state this is because I need to be able to respect my husband, and I believe that as the helpmate, I would be able to follow where my husband goes. Whether it be to India, or the jungles of the Amazon, my role as the wife is to support my husband in his endeavour, and always be there for him.

2) He needs to love God. This should be the first criteria actually,  but it always ends up being the second.

He would have a heart for God, and his people, and serve God and his people. It would not hurt if he came from a family background with good standing.

3) He needs to do the respectful right thing by me. He has to be caring, protective, and not short cut his way to my affections. He needs to have a good heart, with the right intentions. I'm not a booty call.

4) We should be able to communicate well and effectively, and understand what we want from each other.

In spite of the above, I am not looking for a perfect man, a person who has no flaws. We each have our own strength and weaknesses, and we can all learn from each other.

On the other hand, I have my own misgivings which I have to let go
1) I have to trust and believe that the right man treats me as a prize, and is willing to make sacrifices for me.

2) When I see a man who has disrespected me by trying to take affections from me before the time is due, I would have to minimise contact with him as I am not respecting or loving my self.

3) I will let go of trying to win a man's affections and just let it be. It is not my place to try to win a man, because as much as I have masculine energy, it is still a man's place to find the wife, as per  Biblical wisdom, and to let God do what is right and needful in my life. (for He has made them male and female).

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