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His Beauty For My Ashes.


His Beauty For My Ashes.

Today was my second day working at the japanese noodle bar. It was fairly hectic as I am still training and trying to learn the ropes. I was fairly exhausted after my shift so I headed home to rest after work. In terms of dynamics, working on the floor is challenging more mentally as you need to be alert to the needs of the customers as compared to the routines in the kitchen.

 I realised tonight was the first time I no longer dwelt on my problems, and instead I had that sense of peace and freedom in my heart after so many weeks. God has finally shown me the truth, and I have been set free indeed! (John 8:32)

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Entering a new season.

Today I enter into the season of my first official day of work on the floor at a Japanese Noodle bar in Campsie.

The noodle bar runs like any other, just that it has electronic dockets, and uses a screen to take orders. There are three staff on the floor, and each staff has their own role. There's about six kitchen staff, with one a Vietnamese Chinese, and two others from Vietnamese background. 

I started work on the floor at about 10.20 and finished around 15:00. Before finishing work, I had to go to every  staff and greet each person to let them know that I was 'checking out' in Japanese. Then we had 'makanai', or staff lunch, and all the staff sat down together to have lunch. I was seriously hungry.... For lunch today, it was something similar to a Sashimi Don. (yes, sashimi...)

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Pruning the dead twigs in my heart


Pruning the dead twigs in my heart

I've been on my own in the last week. In the last few days, I've been watching a  number of Joyce Meyer YouTube videos.

Joyce Meyer is an American preacher, who has a her own television network and series of Christian teaching resources.

Joyce Meyer:
Living in God's Timing (Part 1).
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Belmore: Hoa Hung Tofu

Edward, a friend from church who has lived in Belmore for years, told me that I can get soy bean products from the tofu factory.
When I was on my way home tonight, I passed by the factory and decided to do that. It's located a few minutes walk from the Belmore station. 
2 litres of freshly made hot soy milk for 2aud
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Slaying my dragons.

Today I made a trip to Lentils.....

It is hysterical, as there were butterflies in my tummy at the thought of going to Lentils this morning.
vegan Tom Yum soup at Lentils. 
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Tasmania: Letting a dream die

Everyone needs to take a break from time to time. I took a break to Tasmania to declutter my mind and take some time off from all the people in Sydney, familiar scenery, my normal routine.

It was good to spend some time with Miaw and her family. It was fantastic actually to see how she manages her home, her two homestay teenagers, and how she manages cost keeping in managing her family.
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Belmore: Saturday night out.

It's been close to a month since I have moved in to Belmore. It's North Belmore, to be precise, as Belmore is a pretty large area when it expends from one end to the other, walking at a normal pace  could take up to 30 to 45 mins.

Not many people are familiar, nor aware of where Belmore is located. But it is located along the Bankstown train line, one stop before Lakemba, and one after Campsie. To its north, one can drive by car towards Belfield, Strathfield, and Burwood. To its south, one can catch a train to Campsie, and take the 400 Bus towards North Bexley, Rockdale, International Airport, and Bondi Junction.

Around the first week point here, I scheduled a meetup for my mates to come and visit the area. I am doing this in honour of Jessica Yu, as I know I won't be seeing her for a very, very long time. (She's gone away for two months traipsing the world). :-)

Pork Belly. Yum!
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Tasmania: Hobart Day 5- Cold Spell

On my last day in Hobart, I stayed in. Temperatures were dipping low, and it was freezing cold. I asked Matthew, husband of my host, and he said it wasn't that common to have such cold spells on normal days. 

Apparently some other parts of Hobart was snowing today, in particular about 100 metres near to Mount Wellington. I peeked out the glass door to feel the temperature, and the wind was blustery. Not a good idea.
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Tasmania: Hobart Day 4 - Farmers Market, Laksa, and Lemon Shortbread

Today was another easy going day. In the morning, we headed off to the Sunday Farmers Market in the city. It was a short walk showcasing lots of local produce, from vege to meat, herbs, cakes, coffee and tea.
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Tasmania: Hobart Sunday Farm Gate Market

This morning, my host brought me to Farm Gate Market. Located on Bathurst St, it is in the CBD area. It showcases a lot of local meat, fruit and veg produce, cakes, pastries, bread, coffee as well as tea. 

The prices here are premium targeted , hence be ready to pay a higher price when you do intend to pay a visit here. 
Baskets of local root vegetables. 
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Tasmania: Hobart Day 3- Mount Wellington, Salamanca and Chicken Wings

My third day in Hobart has been a lot more relaxing. This morning I listened to a message from the British church of HTB about listening to the whisper of God.

The message was very encouraging as I realised that it helped me to relax my mind and deepen my dredges in order to hear God's voice better when He Whispers. 

Look at the height of the snow. Massive!
The first place we were supposed to visit was to Salamanca Markets in the morning, but my host decided to make an ad hoc visit to Mount Wellington, or otherwise known as Kunanyi.
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Tasmania: Kunanyi Mount Wellington

On my third day in Hobart, my host decided to make an ad hoc visit to Mount Wellington. We were supposed to head to Salamanca Markets first thing in the morning, but seeing snow was something I could not miss out on... 

It's a 30 minutes drive from Hobart CBD.. Yes, everything in Tasmania takes less than an hour by car to travel.. 

That's short considering I take half an hour to get to the CBD of Sydney by train from Belmore. My host tells me that the size of Tasmania is bigger than Singapore. 
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Tasmania: Hobart Day 2- Beach Howrah, and Salamanca Night

My second day is a lot more relaxing. Basically it was just sleeping in. I woke up at mid day. 

Miaw was encouraging me to sleep in and relax as that was my purpose here. 

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Tasmania: Hobart Day 1 - Hobart Waterfront, and Elizabeth St Mall

My first day in Tasmania has been pretty  pleasant. Apart from being late and missing my designated train, and almost missing boarding the plane, everything else has been pretty good. :-) 

I boarded the first flight of the day,  which was at 6.15am...not my best choice, but it was the only available on Jetstar.

The night before I had made some Bbq chicken wings, but my housemates didn't have any, hence I ended up stuffing it into a blue Ikea food container,  and chucking it into my hand luggage... 

Lugging It all the way to Hobart. Lol.

Miaw , à friend from USQ came to pick me up at the airport. There was lots to do, and lots to explore and see in the city of Tasmania. 

This picture was taken on the way to Hobart CBD in Miaw's car. Notice the mountainous snowy peak that can be seen from the city. 
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Tasmania: Waterfront @ Elizabeth St Pier, Hobart.

Tasmania is an island, hence it is surrounded by bodies of water, and boats and sails are a common sight. Seafood, fish and salmon fishing is a major industry of Tasmania. 

However I'm told that in order to protect the local market, prices are kept at a premium even for the local market. 

Here are some pictures of the Waterfront taken near Elizabeth St Pier, Hobart CBD. I  think they look rather picturesque.

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Tasmania: Searching for God

My plain vanilla boarding pass....
Trust the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight. Proverbs 3:5-6.

By the time I publish this post, I would already have arrived in Hobart. When I made my trip back to Sydney at the end of February this year, it was with the intention and planning to return home to Malaysia in time for my brother's wedding..
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Dermalogica's exclusive closed door skincare event

I havent done a beauty skincare post in a very long time. Due to the job drought, and less of financial stellar ness, I have not paid much attention to skincare regimes as they cost a bomb to maintain. 

Recently, I was invited by Beautyheaven to participate in their exclusive Dermalogica skincare event at Crows Nest in Sydney last Wednesday night.

The director at Dermalogica HQ
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Criteria: looking for a husband.

Criteria: looking for a husband.

Today I spoke to a colleague at Lentils..  Who had been interested in me...

However, for whatever reasons, I decided to share with him my criteria in looking for a life partner.

Eventhough my age is advancing, my  mother has not pushed me to settle down, but said that until the right person appears, I should not rush into a relationship.

My criteria is:
1) He needs to have a purpose in his life.  He needs to know what he wants and shows a passion and is ready to go all out to get it.

As in, planning for his own life and ready to go there. Perhaps it's because my father is like that, that's why I end up only wanting to choose a person who is a go getter.

The reason I state this is because I need to be able to respect my husband, and I believe that as the helpmate, I would be able to follow where my husband goes. Whether it be to India, or the jungles of the Amazon, my role as the wife is to support my husband in his endeavour, and always be there for him.

2) He needs to love God. This should be the first criteria actually,  but it always ends up being the second.

He would have a heart for God, and his people, and serve God and his people. It would not hurt if he came from a family background with good standing.

3) He needs to do the respectful right thing by me. He has to be caring, protective, and not short cut his way to my affections. He needs to have a good heart, with the right intentions. I'm not a booty call.

4) We should be able to communicate well and effectively, and understand what we want from each other.

In spite of the above, I am not looking for a perfect man, a person who has no flaws. We each have our own strength and weaknesses, and we can all learn from each other.

On the other hand, I have my own misgivings which I have to let go
1) I have to trust and believe that the right man treats me as a prize, and is willing to make sacrifices for me.

2) When I see a man who has disrespected me by trying to take affections from me before the time is due, I would have to minimise contact with him as I am not respecting or loving my self.

3) I will let go of trying to win a man's affections and just let it be. It is not my place to try to win a man, because as much as I have masculine energy, it is still a man's place to find the wife, as per  Biblical wisdom, and to let God do what is right and needful in my life. (for He has made them male and female).

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