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Usana: Essentials Pack, Calcium, Biomega

I finally succumbed to ordering Usana supplements from Jo. 
(Technically, I was actually the one who introduced her to Usana, but I shall leave that for another post).

There were a couple of reasons.

Namely,  her complexion has improved a lot since February when she started taking it.  I've known her for many years and she has always had bad skin. 
Secondly, she gifted me a bag of Fibergy (which is powdered psyllium husk)  from Usana...  Lol.
Also,  as a side effect of using it,  she lost about four kilos, and thought it would benefit me,  especially around the waistline. Haha.

Finally,  because of my recent lower back pain, I realise I have not been eating well, and being in my thirties, that is a bad move. 
I realise though my family constitution is of fairly good skin, but I have more of  a low immunity to illnesses, and the older we get, the immunity reduces, along with the metabolism with age and other bodily aches.

As they say,  the only people who need help are those who are ill and sick..  The healthy don't need help as they won't be able to appreciate the results.

What's the price range for Usana? It's a little pricier than your usual supermarket supplements like Blackmore, and Swisse . And perhaps justified so, as the price covers the wages of the hours that the  distributors put into it.

Anyways this would be the current RRP price of the supplements in Australian dollars. 
Essentials $58.00
Calcium     $29.00
Biomega    $30.00

Depending on the time of the purchase, there may be other current ongoing promotions as well.

Multi mineral 

Mega Antioxidant



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