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Interning: Lentil As Anything

It's been close to two months since my return to Sydney.

I would not say it has been the easiest seven weeks of my stay. Returning here to Sydney, I was saddled with depression in the first two to three weeks, then was having the flu for a while. You would think I was going to die then. >_>

Apart from that, I've had other things on my plate, whilst learning to not let the actions and words of others to have a toll on my emotions, and learning to stay calm. 

And of course, pray, pray, pray!!


Then I started my internship at Lentil As Anything.  A friend from the meetup group, Zak introduced me to the restaurant. So I contacted the head chef, Sian who then put me on the roster.

The first two weeks there, I was basically packing everything in five days each week, thingwhen I realised I was exhausting myself. So I decided to slow down and take my time with my stay at the restaurant. 

After about my 12th day, I finally have comments from three different cooks that my vegetable chopping is much faster.. Lol.

I've basically learnt to chop big vegetables like pumpkins, eggplant, cabbages, lettuce, etcetera, deep fry loads and loads of vegetables and pappadoms, manage the pass, and do plating up portions for plates. 


In my last count, I have about ten days counting more. I have decided to make my tenure worthwhile, by looking up some vegan and vegetarian recipes, and perhaps I can I recommend or intro to the headchef to make it (taking into account this would be for about at least 200 persons I'm cooking for). 


I haven't decided what I want to cook, so that is where the recipe books I've borrowed from Meadowbank Tafe library comes in handy.

I feel blessed to have a penpal, Mok, who can give me calm and mature advice from a man's point of view. He says our conversations are always very constructive which I have to take it must be good? Lol.

Also the same from my married female Korean friend, Jo, from time to time when we do catch up over tea.

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