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Opal Card - Taking the Ferry in Sydney

I rarely take the ferry from Meadowbank Wharf.  Generally, they are a little more costly compared to talking the train or bus.

However with recent track work, the idea seemed more appealing. Sometimes you get free WiFi on board the ferry as well, depending on your luck. 

The Opal card has actually made it more cost effective to take the more costly  transport types, if only you knew how to manage it... yes, you do need a strategy for it. 

If you have more than 8 rides per week, the Opal card is then automatically entitled to Opal Rewards,  which entitles the user to travel on any mode of transport for however far the distance.  

The only condition is that regardless of the mode of travel the first eight rides were used on,  each mode needs to be done separated by one hour. Also, Opal Cards are limited to a maximum of $15 usage a day, so if your travels amount to more than $15 for that day, you would have to wait for the next following day to complete the rest of the eight rides. 

The earliest any user can reach their Travel Rewards is by Tuesday,  or on average by Wednesday.

I have tried this myself,  and ya, the lowest anyone could pay for eight rides is:
 using the bus x aud2.10. 
Ferry from Meadowbank Wharf.

This is just an excuse to put up my gorgeous picture :-))))

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