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Happy Valentine's Day 2015!

So I'm single this year on Valentine's Day....

Seriously, who cares?

I'd rather be alone on Valentine's Day than to spend it on a date with a half assed guy who was only half assed interested in me. 

There are better things to do with my time than to squander it.

There is a freedom that comes when I can unburden myself from the constraints of what people think. Especially the kind that try to make me feel guilty for ignoring them. 

Remus told me that with some people, we have to learn to block them from our lives.

Especially the kind that waste our energy, our time, and our minds.

We need to move on and focus on our own life and priorities.

These are the parasites that suck on our positive energy till there is none left for ourselves.

During this trip back to KL, I've already
 1) been on one blind date with Eric (from Likemind)
2) met a new friend Kelvin (friend of Remus) 
3) had my first experience of Poon Choy 
4) met a new kindred spirit Michelle (friend of Remus)
5) reconciliated with Jacqueline 
6) baked macarons, and almond cookies 
7) got to know Remus better 
8) understood my male friends better 
9) learnt to be stronger and have the self discipline to do what is emotionally right and a priority for myself and my career.
10) helped my mom and dad with their work.
11) felt a lot better about myself in a very very long time. 
12) realised that the choices I make will affect my future life and I need to love and respect myself and my priorities more than trying to please others.

I end this entry with a quote sent to me from Zila:

'Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.'

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