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Crackhouse Comedy Club: The Valentine Day's Massacre

I went for my first Comedy Club show on Saturday in Taman Tun Dr Ismail on Saturday. 

Thanks to Tammy Lim, one of my blogger friends who tagged me to come. Lol.

It is one of my first comedy club shows, and it was good! I was laughing non stop. The jokes ranged from funny ethnic groups, our past technologies and of course Valentine's Day, being February 14th! :-D Yes, it was Valentine's Day on Saturday! How coincidental. :-D

The tickets for the night was priced at RM30 being a special occasion for Valentine's Day. This place serves its own food predominantly finger food, jaffles, soft drinks and all kinds of alcohol. 

Can't remember his name, but he describes himself as a Chindian.

         Michelle, Kelvin, Remus, CY

Michelle, an Àmerican friend of Remus. 

         Posing against the wall backdrop.

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