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We went to Bali!

                                           Posing in traditional Balinese costumes.
Recently abut three weeks ago, I made an ad-hoc trip to Bali in January to join a couple of mates in Sydney. They were Dominic B (a french Canadian speaking friend), DJ (hindi and arabic speaking friend?), and a cantonese-french-speaking friend, Isabelle. 

It was a last minute decision on my side (bad CY!!) but it's probably one of those things I would ever only do once in my life time... ROTFL.  

The ticket wasn't cheap... I ended up spending about 700 dollars on a one way ticket from Sydney to Bali. 

During our trip in Bali, a few of us made the ad-hoc decision to go and "cosplay" (for a lack of a better term) in traditional Balinese costumes. I wasn't too enthusiastic about it, but hey, why not?

Sharing a coconut

Having traditional Indonesian fare for lunch

We went also to watch a traditional dance show (can't remember the name) 
After the trip, I took a flight back to Malaysia to go and visit my family. I am also here shortly for Chinese New Year. which turned out pretty good for me in the end.


Four years later....

Edit 10/2/2018: It was quite an interesting time, as I rarely go on group trips to anywhere in the world these days since moving to Melbourne. Ah, what fond memories to look back at.

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